No drama needed. No magic necessary ...

No drama needed.  No magic necessary ...

     The headline reads ...  

     As a homeowner, does that headline grab your attention?  Have you been following the home sales in your own area?  Do the sales appear as though they've turned a positive corner? 

     If the answers to the above are "YES!" ... the idea of  Refinancing  your present mortgage must (and should) be banging around in your head.  And rightfully soToday's low interest rates are awfully tempting.  And the news above bodes well for more home owners being capable of taking advantage of them.

     Yet you say you've heard that the  mortgage process  is hard?  Tedious?  Frustrating?  And it takes a magician to secure a successful result?   Depending on the circumstances, your personal financial scenario, and how you approach it ... honestly, it can be.  But just HOW much frustration and work you encounter is based in part on your own habits of spending, saving, and record-keeping.  Heck, I'll throw listening and communicating into the mix too!

     If you've been following my posts, you know that I just wrote a blog regarding  credit and credit management.
In that post I told of 2 instances where poor record-keeping and follow-up caused ... either a delay in a home buying and mortgage transaction ... or was the cause of a complete meltdown of a transaction.  Obviously neither is the outcome you or your  Mortgage Lender  are hoping for.

      But I'm here to tell you.  The opposite does occur!  The mortgage process can be much less complicated and very successful.  To quote recent clients of mine, their mortgage process was "painlessly easy".  And "not at all what they had expected or feared".  Unfortunately, these outcomes get far less "press" and are not retold as often.  They lack drama ...

     How was a "painlessly easy" transaction possible?  Why was their mortgage process "better than expected"No, I'm not a magician ... that's not the answer.

     The clients had good credit, stable jobs.  They paid their monthly payments and commitments on time.  They had savings and checking accounts with verifiable transactions going in and out.  Their record-keeping was up-to-date and organized.  Financial documents were easily found and  provided to me.

     When I proposed options for their consideration, they listened well.  They responded to requests for information and documentation in a timely fashion.  And as a result, they closed their transaction successfully, on time ... with terms, interest rates, and closing costs that perfectly matched those discussed at their  mortgage application.

     Both clients cut a decade or more off their mortgage term.  Both cut their monthly payments.  Both lowered the interest rates they were paying.  They'll both now save thousands of dollars over the remaining life of their loans.  Their equity position within their homes will rise faster.  They'll pay their loans off sooner.  They'll reap solid results that more than make the efforts they made during their mortgage processing worth it.   

     If you breakdown the positives mentioned above, you will see clearly that the clients controlled much of their own destiny, both before and during their mortgage process.  They dictated how quickly and easily they would proceed. They reaped good end-results through their own efforts and  involvement. 

     No drama needed.  No magic necessary ...

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