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How Prepared are You?

How Prepared are You?

The question above is a timely one.  We're entering Tornado Season again in the Chicagoland area ...
Do you know ... In an average year, 1200 tornadoes are reported?That a tornado has the capability to lift 20-tons?The winds of a tornado are clocked at 200+ mph?That those winds can drive a blade of grass through walls, lumber, and more?That the months of April, May, and June typically have the highest number of tornadoes reported each year?That the majority of tornadoes occur between the hours of 3 pm and 9 pm? (But can occur 24 hours of the day)On average, tornadoes claim the life of 80 people per year?That the National Weather Service in Chicago rated 2015's Tornado Season the most active since recording started in 1950?
All reasons to take tornadoes seriously and to take measures to protect yourself. 
There are 2 weather alerts typically broadcast when conditions are in play for tornadoes to form, those being a Tornado Watch ... and a Tornado Warning.  

Mortgage Change With Real Impact: FHA to Loosen Standard Regarding Student Loans

Mortgage Change With Real Impact: FHA to Loosen Standard Regarding Student Loans
In recent months, it appears that mortgage lending practices are trending in favor of Borrowers ...  
This is great news after years of restrictive guidelines implemented as a result of the mortgage crisis and real estate downturn.
Some examples of this trend to more favorable borrowing practices are: Fannie Mae re-invented their 3% Down financing program, known as HomeReady,that showcases more options that help Borrowers obtain financing for their Personal ResidencePrivate Mortgage Insurance on Conventional Loans became less costly to Borrowers putting less than 20% down payment on their home purchaseAnd FHA announced an update pertaining to Student Loans and how they'll be viewed.  A new method for calculating and accounting for "unknown re-payments" Student Loan debt was put into practice. 
Beginning June 30, 2016 ... FHA significantly reduced the calculations Lenders must apply for certain Stu…

Tips on How to Protect Your Chicagoland Home and Family

Tips on How to Protect Your Home and Family

Last week, we had a bit of excitement in our neighborhood.  Someone tried to break into multiple homes during the middle of the night ...

Our neighborhood's not known for having such problems.  The police reported it had been years since there'd been any calls received from the area.  

We're all lucky.  No actual entry was made in any homes.  No one was hurt.  Nothing was taken.  We're all thankful for that.

We're also lucky because our neighborhood is fairly tight-knit.  Talk about this incident spread fast and info got exchanged quickly.  

Many of us have security systems.  Because of that, the police now have a variety of good pictures of our "visitor". A huge advantage to them ... and us both.  

This experience proved one thing clearly to me. Burglaries can happen anywhere.  No area's immune.  It also motivated me to educate myself a bit regarding burglary and protecting my home and family.  

Below are some of …