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Easy Ways to De-clutter Your Home and Life

Easy Ways to De-clutter Your Home and Life
     Much has been written about the importance of de-cluttering your home prior to listing it for sale.  But whether you're placing your home on the market or not, de-cluttering can make a huge difference to how much you enjoy your home and your life. 

Did you know that many doctors and feng shui experts believe that a constant state of clutter can drain you of energy, cause depression, make you gain weight, and even make you physically ill?   It can!

But what's considered clutter? 

     When selling your home, clutter is considered anything that might distract potential home buyers (either mentally or visually) from seeing the positive features of your home.  

     Too much furniture.  Too many personal photos.  Too many toys, too much clothing, too many weeds and lawn ornaments, and much more can be considered clutter if it's a distraction or makes your home (or outdoor/property) look smaller than it is, uncomfortable, disorganized,…

Come Enjoy Will County, IL Farmers Markets

Come Enjoy Will County, IL Farmers Markets
     I married a farm girl ... so it should come as no surprise to anybody that Spring and a new gardening season is always reason for celebration at our house.  After all, you might take the girl off the farm, but you don't take the farm out of the girl!

Many people share my wife's love of gardening.  They take great pleasure in producing fresh vegetables, fruits, seasonings and much much more for their families.  

     Otherssimply understand the great importance of feeding themselves and their families fresh foods, so they seek-out the benefit of a farmer's or gardener's labor out at local Farmers Markets.

     In Will County where we live, many of the towns are hosting Farmers Markets once again this year.  I did a little bit of research and gathered information and directions on some of our area's best.  I've listed them below for your enjoyment and convenience.  

     I hope you have a chance to visit many of our loca…

3 New Paramedics Now Serve the New Lenox Fire Protection District

3 New Paramedics Now Serve the  New Lenox Fire Protection District
     The Village of New Lenox, IL and its residents have much
to be proud of.  It's schools, housing, churches, businesses, and much more make New Lenox a great place to live, do business, and raise a family.

     But now, it can also celebrate and announce the addition of 3 new Paramedics within its  New Lenox Fire Protection DistrictFirefighters Tim Mayotte, Brent Havener, and James Brown have attended the Kankakee Community College and Riverside Medical Center's EMS System Paramedic classes throughout the last year.  

     These 3 firefighters are now capable of providing advanced life support to those that become injured or fall critically ill within New Lenox.  Now that they are paramedics, they can offer or utilize the following:
Intravenous infusionsIntraosseus infusions    Multiple medications    Injections    Needle thoracostomyCricothyroidoton    Advanced airway management devices to support breathingTh…

To "Jumbo" or not to "Jumbo"! That is the question ...

To "Jumbo" or not to "Jumbo"!   That is the question ...

Many of my Chicagoland referral partners have been reporting that their higher-end housing markets are seeing healthier sales this Spring.  Finally!  Our local housing markets are healing!

Margaret Goss, Baird & Warner Real Estate - Winnetka/surrounding communities, Howard Meyers, The Hudson Company - Winnetka/surrounding communities, and Corinne Guest, Barrington Realty Company - Barrington area, each have written posts indicating that the higher-priced properties in their area are once again moving at a better pace.  All very good news.

     Paired along with that is even more good news.  Lending options are once again appearing for high-end real estate purchases and refinancing.  "Jumbo" loan options are re-emerging.

But what is considered a "Jumbo" loan?

     Like so many other questions concerning mortgage financing, there is no one easy, quick, across-the-board answer.  But let me star…