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2017 - Will County 4th of July Fireworks

2017 - Will County 4th of July Fireworks

The skies across Will County will light up with fireworks, during the upcoming 4th of July weekend ...
There's a huge assortment of municipalities and groups hosting firework shows and spectaculars (sometimes as part of a community fest) throughout Will County. Below you'll find a handy list I've compiled of those shows. 
Take this opportunity along with your family and friends to celebrate our freedom, our Country's rich history, its people, and many wonderful accomplishments ...

Will County 4th of July Fireworks
Aurora Fireworks Date: July 4th - Start: 9:35 pm
Where: RiverEdge Park - 360 N Broadway St., Aurora
Info (Portions of Aurora are in Will County)
Beecher Fireworks
Date:  July 4th  -  Start:  9:30 pm
Where:  Firemen's Park - 673 Penfield Street, Beecher Info

Bolingbrook's 4th of July Fireworks Date: July 4th -  Start:  @ Dusk Where: Bolingbrook Golf Club 2001 Rodeo Dr., Bolingbrook Info

Braidwood Summerfest - Fireworks Date: Jul…

Will County Taxes: Escrows, New Construction, Assessments

Will County Taxes:  Escrows, New Construction, Assessments 

In Will County, Illinois ... Property taxes are paid to the Will County Treasurer twice a year ...  

The first installment of Real Estate taxes is typically due around the beginning of June and the second installment becomes due around the beginning of September.  When paid, the installments cover the previous year's taxes due. 

Example:  The payment dates for 2016 Will County taxes were June 1, 2017 for the 1st installment ... and the 2nd installment is due on September 1st, 2017.  (Will County taxes, like most IL Counties, are paid one year in arrears).

Escrow Accounts:  Many homeowners have an escrow account that includes their real estate taxes (Insurance, Mortgage Insurance, Flood Insurance, etc. may also be included in an escrow.)  As Borrowers make each monthly mortgage payment, they see their escrow account build.  

Will County Homeowners/Borrowers with escrow accounts are given notice by the County when taxes are due, …

Be Pre-Qualified! Sellers Demand to Know You're Serious

Be Pre-Qualified!  Sellers Demand to Know You're Serious  

Be Pre-Qualified for your Mortgage before you go and view homes!

There, I've said it.  First thing.  Right out of the box.  So it can't be missed.

I place my advice right at the top of this post in bright colors so it's not overlooked.  And because it's such a very important message, especially for buyers hoping to purchase a home in a highly competitive housing market.  

Right now, homes for Sale are receiving lots of attention.  The shortage of homes currently for sale in most housing markets dictates that.  

This means that Buyers must be decisive and ready to act when they find "the home" they want.  They must have already talked to their Mortgage Lender and been Pre-Qualified for their financing PRIOR to the viewing of that home.  


Ever hear the sayings,"Time is of the essence"?  Or "You snooze, you lose"?  Both are truer now than ever before when referring to home buying.  


Could a New Construction Home Be a Home Buying Option For You? (Lincoln-Way - Chicagoland Area)

Could a New Construction Home Be a Home Buying Option For You? (Lincoln-Way - Chicagoland Area)
These days, it's not uncommon to hear my Borrowers express frustration regarding the market's current housing inventory and the challenges it presents ... 

Many of my clients have found themselves facing multiple-offer situations on homes they've viewed and wished to buy.  They've eventually lost out to another Buyer's bid on those homes.  That's a tough situation to be in.

Because of this, I'm seeing new construction homes enter into my Borrower's consideration increasingly often ...  

Every housing market has its own prime buying/selling season.  Here in Chicagoland and the Midwest, weather can influence sales activity ... and weather dictates that spring through fall is the most active season for new construction.  

Right now, favorable weather has many contractors breaking ground on new homes within the "Lincoln-Way Area", (Manhattan, New Lenox, Mokena