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Buying, Building, or Refinancing a Home? A Glossary of Terms

Buying, Building, or Refinancing a Home? A Glossary of Terms  

Everyone is susceptible to it ... 

     No matter their profession. But as a Mortgage Lender I sometimes catch myself using slang or industry terminology when talking to clients and referral partners.  When you read and "talk" them as much as I do, it's only natural that it happens.  

     I find that many of my clients are well-read and informed regarding the Mortgage Process.  That they don't even skip a beat when I do it.  They're that familiar with the terms because of all the homework and reading they've done. 

     But for those that are first-time home buyers and new to the process ... or in its very early stages, that slang and those words can seem pretty confusing.  I might as well be speaking some foreign language.

     No doubt about it, there's a slew of words and terms that get used during today's Mortgage Process.  Many of them can be downright confusing.  

Especially when I'm g…

New Lenox School District #122 Students Head Back to School for 2015 - 2016

New Lenox School District #122 Students Head Back to School for 2015 - 2016

Hard to believe, but kids in New Lenox School District 122 (Pre-School through 8th Grade) are heading back to school soon.  

     The first day of the 2015-2016 school year is August 19th, 2015. (A downloadable 2013-2014 school year Calendar can be found HERE.

The Schools located within the New Lenox School District 122 include:
Cherry Hill Early Childhood CenterHaines Elementary SchoolArnold J. Tyler Elementary SchoolNelson Prairie Elementary SchoolOster-Oakview Elementary SchoolCaroline Bentley Elementary SchoolNelson Ridge Elementary SchoolAlex M. Martino Jr. High SchoolLiberty Jr. High SchoolSpencer Trail Kindergarten CenterSpencer Pointe Elementary SchoolSpencer Crossing Elementary School
     If you are considering a move into New Lenox School District 122, you can find which school(s) your children will attend by viewing the school boundary maps at these links:
Kindergartens are dependent on subdivisionsPrim…

Before You Represent a Client on a Condo or Townhome Property ...

Before You Represent a Client on a  Condo or Townhome Property ...

Agents:  Do you know what the correct answer is for this question?

What is the difference between a Condo and a Townhome?

Asimple answer would be:

The #1 defining difference between the two types of properties is:  OWNERSHIP RIGHTS.

     It's not about style.  Or about design.  It's not about appearance or physical characteristic comparisons either.

     Now I know what you're thinking.  Gene ... really?  Another post on condos and townhomes???  But to my defense, I've had a number of recent calls from agents that clearly showcase the need to address this topic.  And I think the topic to be that important.

      Plus, if you've been in the Real Estate or Lending Industry very long, you know nothing is as simple as the answer I provide above.

So ... how do you seek and find a definitive answer to the question above?  What's the difference?

     If you're a Listing Agent:  It's important to  obtain…

Manhattan School Dist. 114 Students Heading Back to Class for School Year 2015-2016

Manhattan School Dist. 114 Students  Heading Back to Class  for School Year 2015-2016

     School will soon be back in session for children attending Manhattan School District 114 schools (Manhattan, IL) ... my hometown.  
     The first day of the 2015-2016 school year is slated for August 19, 2015.  (For a full school year/downloadable calendar, click HERE.)

There are multiple schools within Manhattan School District 114.  They are:
Wilson Creek SchoolContact:  25440 S. Gougar Rd, Manhattan, IL
Phone:  815.478.4527
Website:  Click HERE
Anna McDonald School  *  Contact:200 Second Street, Manhattan, IL
                          Phone:  815.478.3310
                          Website:  Click HERE
Manhattan Junior High*  Contact:  15606 W. Smith Road, Manhattan, IL
                          Phone:  815.478.6090
                          Website:  Click HERE