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15 Summer Chicago-Area Home Maintenance Tips

15 Summer Chicago-Area  Home Maintenance Tips

     Temperatures in the Chicago area are to be in the mid-80's again today.  Warm weather has officially arrived!

     If you're a Chicago-area homeowner like I am, this means you have routine outdoor summer maintenance chores to perform.  Particularly after this year's hard and long winter, there was plenty to be tackled.

     Having a Checklist of items helps me remember what needs to be accomplished around my home and property for the hot summer months ahead.  Below you'll find the handy checklist I use.  Hope it proves useful as you assess and maintenance your home ...

Warm Weather Home  Maintenance Checklist
    1.  Evaluate and inspect your roof.  Check for missing or loose shingles.  Examine the flashing around the chimney and any skylights. 2.Inspect your gutters, downspouts, and exterior drains.  Clean them of any debris.  Make sure gutters and downspouts are securely attached to your home. 3.Check your HVAC system.  Have …

Enjoy the Pools, Splash Parks, & Waterparks Located within Will County, IL

Enjoy the Pools, Splash Parks,  &  Waterparks Located within Will County, IL

     Kids across Will County are ... or soon will be ... out of school for the summer.  Parents are looking for safe, healthy ways to keep their kids active and entertained.  Swimming, swimming classes, waterparks, and splash parks can be a great answer to this parental dilemma.  

     Will County has many such facilities located within its
boundaries.  Residents and visitors to the County have many options to consider and enjoy.  

     Some of these water facilities are affiliated with local community park districts.  Others are businesses.  But both offer their patrons  an entire summer of activities and fun.

     Below you will find information regarding water park, pool, and splash park facilities found throughout Will County.  I hope you, your family, and friends have many chances to enjoy these facilities throughout the coming summer and beyond.

     Contact numbers and website links have been included wi…

Will County Residents Receive $40 Discount For Pets Spayed or Neutered in June, 2014

Will County Residents Receive $40 Discount For Pets Spayed or Neutered in June, 2014  

     Will County residents that have their family pets spayed or neutered during the month of June (2014), can receive a $40savings discount courtesy of the County of Will.  The discount, good for up to 2 animals per household, is for animals spayed or neutered between the dates of June 1st and June 30th, 2014.

     Eligibility for the discount(s) is based upon:
Owners must show proof of Will County residencyPets must reside with their Will County ownerPets must be registered with the Will County Animal ControlPets' Rabies Vaccination must be current (Proof Required)Pet Owners must show/produce a Will County Registration Tag for the animal(s) on the day of surgery Spaying/Neutering must take place 6/1 through 6/30
     Pet owners should call their pet's veterinary office to make sure that their vet is participating in this Will County program. 

Should you have questions regarding the $40 discount

Do YOU Practice these Habits of Success?

Do YOU Practice these Habits of Success?

     An article I saw this morning really caught my eye.  It was entitled, "Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents" ...

     As I read through this article, I compared the work habits of the successful agents I know and have worked with over the years, to the habits mentioned within the article.  

Check .. check ... check!  Consistently, the habits I saw illustrated by these agents were one and the same with those being reported.

     But the one habit that seemed to stand-out most prominently among the successful agents I know surrounded communication.  Each of these agents practices and exhibits excellent communication skills, including the timely return of calls, emails, texts, etc.  They also were great at keeping everyone within a transaction informed, on-track, and aware.

     Coincidence?  I think not ...

     I don't think that the good work habits listed within the article offered above are meant just for Agents either.  We a…