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Presently Have a FHA Mortgage? A FHA Streamline Refinance Could Save You Money!

Presently Have a FHA Mortgage?   A FHA Streamline Refinance Could Save You Money

     Did you finance a property using an FHA-insured mortgage? (Federal Housing Administration).

     It's possible that you can now Refinance and save money on your monthly Mortgage payments through a FHA Streamline Refinance ...
How do you save?
ReducedFHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums: FHA recently enacted a 50 Basis Point reduction in Monthly Mortgage Insurance costs to Borrowers, resulting in most cases, a half-percent cut on Mortgage Insurance charges. (For more info regarding these changes, click HERE ).  
Interest Rates:  FHA interest rates are lower than Conventional Loans, typically a full quarter per cent lower.  A good savings on a monthly Mortgage payment.
So ... what is an FHA Streamline Refinance?  
It's a Refinance of your current Mortgage that will reduce your Interest Rate.  Many times during a FHA Streamline Refinance it's possible that an Appraisal may not be required.
Please note how…

How Choosing the Right Lender Can Make a Difference

How Choosing the Right Lender  Can Make a Big Difference

     Mindset.  Mood.  Outlook. Funny how the human mind works ...  

     Saturday night we headed into the northern part of the City to visit family.  What really stood out that night was the number of people walking or riding bikes.  There'd been fewer out over the last few weeks, driven indoors by the sub-zero temps.  

     There was still plenty of snow on the ground. Temps aren't allowing it to melt.  But the air seemed almost warm.  To our minds, it seemed near balmy.  

     Yet just one short month ago, we'd probably thought the very same temperatures brutally cold.  The recent bitter cold has quickly re-set our inner thermometers, as well as our mindsets.  Our perception is totally different.

 So, what does all this have to do with mortgages?

     On Saturday morning, I'd received a call from a new contact.  One hoping to buy a home.  They'd been referred to me by a mutual friend, one that was a mortgage…

Are You Looking at a Condo or Townhome? Why it Makes a Difference

Are You Looking at a Condo or Townhome?   Why it Makes a Difference

One of the first questions I ask when a new client contacts me about buying a Condominium or a Townhome is:
"Are you SURE you know what you're really viewing?"
Admittedly, experience has taught me to double-check the answer provided, no matter how sure they sound. History has proven, often they're wrong.
     Despite appearances, the only true distinction between ownership of a Condo and Townhome is found in the legal ownership rights of the LAND upon which the building sits.  An Individual owns NO LAND in their purchase/ownership of a Condominium, only a shared portion of the COMMON LAND.
     Think of it this way:  If you're buying a "Unit" on a 2nd floor (or higher), and your "Building/Unit" has NOContact with any ground, you're buying a Condominium.  Yes, you do have rights to the common ground that ALL the Units in a multi-unit building share.  Common ground that allows you …

2015 "Manhattan Irish Fest" March 6th & 7th - Manhattan, IL

2015 "Manhattan Irish Fest" 
March 6th & 7th - Manhattan, IL

Manhattan, IL is the place I'm proud to call my home. Anyone familiar with Manhattan, located smack in the heart of Will County, knows that it has deep Irish roots. 

     They'll also tell you that Manhattan is the home of the  "Manhattan Irish Fest", a festival that's been running since 1995 and being held once again this year on March 6th & 7th.  

     Activities for young and old are planned for both days of the Fest.  Some are:

     An Irish Breakfast will be served at St. Joseph's Parish Center on Saturday, March 7th, 8 am to 10:30 am.  Advance ticket purchase is required.  Tickets are available at the church rectory by calling:  815.478.3341.

     A special Mass is being held at  St. Joseph's Catholic Church, located at  275 W. North Street , on Saturday, March 7th, at 8:30 a.m.

     The 21st Annual"Manhattan Irish Fest Parade" will kick off at 11:10 am on Saturday, M…