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Do You Possess the Recipe to Become a Home Buyer?

Do You Possess the Recipe 
to Become a Home Buyer?

     As a Mortgage Lender, one of the most important messages I impress on area Home Buyers/Owners is one regarding timing ... the timing of when they should contact me when Buying a Home or Refinancing. 

     If you've read a few of my past posts, you'll know the topic of timing is a drum I beat loudly and often.  My rule of thumb regarding proper timing is ... 

 Once you've  contemplated home ownership or refinancing, you need to get to a Mortgage Lender

     Below is a good example of why I believe this message is so important ...

     I have a client that I'm working with right now.  He's young, hard working, a saver not a spender.  He paid off his Student Loans early.  Saved up and bought a moderately-priced used car to avoid car payments.  

     Thinking he was doing the right thing, he'd paid off almost all debt he'd acquired prior to seeking my mortgage services.  And he'd saved up a sizeable Down …

2013 Music Boosters "SIAM Discount Book" on Sale in Lincoln-Way High School Communities

2013 Music Boosters "SIAM Discount Book"  on Sale in  Lincoln-Way High School Communities

     My wife and her siblings are all proud alumni of Lincoln-Way High Schools' renowned music department.  All were members of the award-winning LWHS-Central "Knights" band while attending high school at Lincoln-Way years ago.  

     Anyone familiar with our area's high school district will tell you that the current LWHS-Central "Knights", as well as the other bands within the district's music departments (the East Griffins, the West Warriors, the North Phoenix) can brag of a long and glorious history of service and entertainment to all the Lincoln-Way School District communities.

     The bands' thousands of music performances over the years in parades, concerts, football games, musicals,  competitions (and more) have been the stuff of legend and the source of much pride of current members, alumni, and LWHS communities.  But outfitting, equipping, and c…

FHA Criteria and Challenges for Will County and Chicagoland Condominiums

FHA Criteria and Challenges  for Will County and Chicagoland Condominiums

     Many young First-Time Home Buyers are currently facing challenges as they enter the housing market.  No doubt about it, the recent economic downturn hit the young generation hard.  

     Young Buyers have Student Loans staring them in the face.  Others are struggling as they search for careers, employment, and decent wages.  Their credit and ability to save for a down payment can take a backseat as they focus on other elements of their life.

     Because of these things, many Will County and Chicagoland-area hopeful young Buyers are turning to  Condominiums  and  Townhomes  as prospects for their first home purchase.  They consider these properties an easier entry point into the housing market.  Rightfully so, as often the prices are more favorable ... and the money needed for down payment and Loan Closing is less too. 

    Over the past few years, FHA's lower down payment requirement (now only 3.5%) has b…

Clearing Up Misconceptions About VA Loans: Let's Get Veterans and Their Families in Homes

Clearing-Up Misconceptions About VA Loans:   Let's Get Veterans and Their Families in Homes

VA Loans, and the benefit that they provide U.S. veterans and their families, are often an under-used and misunderstood type of financing.  

While VA loans are made possible through the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, the loan approval process itself is rarely handled by that government entity.  LO, such as myself, handle the processing of the loans.

VA loans provide a well-deserved opportunity and beneficial options through which Veterans can become home owners by offering the following key advantages:
 No Down Payment is needed from Qualified VeteransNo Down Payment is needed, if the Sales Price doesn't exceed the Appraised Value There's a "financeable" Funding Fee.  (Truly making VA loans a no Down Payment loan!) There are minimal requirements demanded of Sellers in terms of home repairs.  (Those property requirements are:  Safe, sanitary, and sound. Closing Costs (up to 4…

How Do we Fix the Problem of Reality?

How Do we Fix the Problem of Reality?
     This morning I was on Facebook.  I'm connected with many other professionals there.  Many of them are from ActiveRain.  

     One of those AR professionals is  Charita Cadenhead, Keller Williams Realty, in metro Birmingham, AL.  Charita's a jewel and has become a favorite of mine.  I just love her spirit and outlook.  Today Charita wrote on her FB timeline,  "There doesn't always have to be someone to blame when things go wrong. Sometimes stuff just happens."  

     Whew ... did she hit a chord.  That darn reality!

     Just the other day, I had a loan applicant see their opportunity to buy and borrow disappear ... at least for the short term.   Even after hearing the advice to "not buy, not charge, not move funds while in the Process" multiple times, they did just that.  To the tune of $400.

     Now I know that $400 seems like an insignificant amount.  That many will say that rules and regulations surrounding len…

New Lenox Community Park District's Proud American Days 2013 being held July 25th - 28th

New Lenox Community Park District's  Proud American Days 2013  being held July 25th - 28th

     Once again this year, the New Lenox Community Park
District (New Lenox, IL) will be hosting its  "Proud American Days" ... Thursday, July 25th through Sunday, July 28th.

This year's festivities will be held in a new location at:  601 East Lincoln Highway in New Lenox.  Event Map available HERE.  (This is the development site for the Menards coming to New Lenox soon.)

Proud American Days activities will include something for every age group and every member of the family.  Activities being offered include:

Carnival (Prices:  $1/each    Wristbands:  $20 w/unlimited rides) Sand Volleyball Tournament Bean Bag Tournaments Big Wheel Race Craft/Vendor Show Car Show Entertainment Tent  w/Music New Lenox Fire Protection Districts' "Controlled Burn" Beef Cook-Off PAD Pong Tournaments Family Bingo Military Tribute Baby Contest IL Battle of the Bands More!      Further info regarding this …