Are you a Chicagoland ComEd Customer? Enroll in their FREE Outage Alert Program

Are you a Chicagoland ComEd Customer?
Enroll in their FREE Outage Alert Program

     A comment often heard here in Chicagoland is,  "If you don't like the weather ... just wait a minute".  

     That statement's been especially true as of late.  We've had every type of weather roll through our area ranging from very hot temperatures to what we are seeing once again today ... dreary and cool.  We've had high winds, hail on occasion, downpours, flash flooding, tornadoes, and some real displays of lightning too.  

     As a result, many Chicagoland communities have experienced "brownouts" and power outages ... the most notable being the night the Chicago Blackhawks were playing for the Stanley Cup.  I was one nervous fan ... but sure enough, the electricity came back on at our house a minute before the 1st puck dropped.  

     I might not have been so worried about the return of my service that night, or during other outages, had I been signed-up for the  ComEd Outage Alert Program  at the time.  Since that evening, I've enrolled my own home in this helpful program.
      The ComEd Outage Alert Program sends you text messages alerting you to power outages and estimated restoration times for electrical service.  Once enrolled, you receive the following info, delivered to you via text messages:

  •    An Outage has been reported ... either by you, another ComEd customer, or an automated monitoring system ... telling that your service has been affected.
  •    An Outage has been reported and an estimated restoration time has been determined.
  •    A crew is enroute to the repair site and an estimated restoration time has been determined.
  •    A crew is on site to repair service and an estimated restoration time has been determined
  •    The Outage affecting your service has been restored.
      Alerts begin once the outage is confirmed by ComEd (typically within 30 minutes of that confirmation).  When an estimated restoration time is determined, you receive a text message reporting that.  Should that estimated time change for any reason, you will be alerted to that as well.

     Alerts are sent to you around the clock ... 24 hours of the
day and 7 days of the week.  Should you decide you no longer wish to receive ComEd Outage Alerts, you can easily cancel the service.  Simply text the word STOP.  You will receive 1 more text confirming your removal from the program.

     The ComEd Outage Alert Program is FREE to all ComEd customers.  To enroll, fill out the opt-in form HERE.  You'll need to have your ComEd billing account number handy when you enroll, plus know your mobile phone carrier.  (An opportunity does exist within the form to track down your account number, should you not have your account number.)

     After completing the online form, you'll receive a message via text confirming that you have opted in to the ComEd Outage Alert Program.  Other helpful service and outage info is also available on the ComEd site.

     Please remember, if you are a ComEd customer you can also report power outages by calling the ComEd Customer Service number at:  1.800.Edison.1.  If you own/utilize an Apple iPhone or Android device, there is a  FREE mobile APP download  that delivers status messages regarding your outages/service.  

     You can also report outages online at:  Report an Outage ... or report and view power restoration updates via the  Facebook Outage App.  

     As always, your main priority during severe weather is safety.  For valuable safety reminders and suggestions, please go to "Storm & Outage Safety" provided on the ComEd website.  Educate yourself and be prepared to protect yourself during all types of Chicagoland inclement weather ...

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