Sitting on the Fence can Cost You ... and be Pretty Painful

       Sitting on the fence can cost you ... and be pretty painful.  I wrote a blog about this very point just a couple of days ago.
     Indecision, inaction, and not listening to the advice of the professionals you've chosen to work with is a bad combination when hoping to Buy a Home.  
     Each certainly took a heavy toll on my potential Home Buyers.  My clients dragged their feet too long and over-negotiated themselves right out of the house they hoped to buy. 
     How did this occur?  During the time my clients lost to their uber-negotiations and indecisions, Interest Rates rose just enough that they're no longer eligible for a Mortgage at this time.  
     Don't let this happen to YOU!   When hoping to Buy a Home, first ... do your homework.  Seek referrals.  Find and then choose to work with experienced real estate and mortgage professionals.  Check their success rate for getting their clients to the Closing table successfully.
     Secondly, trust the decisions you've made and move forward knowing that you chose wisely.  And then LISTEN to and FOLLOW the advice and guidance that your professionals provide.  

     They say "timing is everything".  Within the current housing and mortgage markets, that is particularly true.  The timing of your actions and decisions can mean the difference between success and failure.

     Predictions are that home prices and Interest Rates are heading upward.  Statistics seem to back-up and reflect that projection.  

     Sitting on the Fence can Cost You ... and be Pretty Painful.  If you're hoping to Buy a Home (or Refinance) soon or in the future, talk to me now.  Together, we'll find the options available to you and get you started down the path to home ownership.

        *   Contact me today!  I'll put my 36+ years of mortgage experience and expertise hard to work on your behalf.
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