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Hansel and Gretel were the original participants of "Survivor"

Hansel and Gretel were the  original participants of "Survivor"

     It's not one of the most often-heard fairy tales.  I think because it's rather "dark" in nature.  But the old  Brothers Grimmfairy tale of "Hansel and Gretel"  contains some good lessons regarding survival within it.  Lessons I think, that when applied, can help new Home Buyers (and those Refinancing) to survive and thrive during their mortgage processing.

"Hansel and Gretel" were the original participants of "Survivor", in my opinion.  For those that might not know the story of "Hansel and Gretel", there's a portion of the fairy tale that tells of these two children being left and abandoned inthe woods.  First by a wicked step-mother.  Then by their own father.

     Hansel and Gretel successfully return home after the first attempt at abandonment by their step-mother.  They had planned ahead, leavingthemselves a formidable trail of white pebbles to…

Will County, Illinois ... Showcasing a Great Place to Live, Pt. 1

Will County, Illinois ...  Showcasing a Great Place to Live, Pt. 1

Will County in Illinois is beating the odds!   

     The Illinois Association of Realtors recently reported that Will County's median and average home prices rose during the 1st Quarter of 2011 versus the prices of a year ago.     

     According to the  Chicago Tribune's reporter, Mary Ellen Podmolik ...  all the national accolades that many of the County's communities have received has definitely boosted the county's reputation as a good place to live.  The positive news regarding home prices proves it.       

     Some of those accolades she speaks of?      

     * Naperville  (and yes, part of it IS in Will County) ... is found often on CNN/Money's "Best Places to Live" list.    
     * BusinessWeek named  Tinley Park  (and yes again, part of it IS in Will County) ... the "Best Place to Raise Your Kids" in the entire country in 2010.      
     * Joliet  and  Bolingbrook  were ch…

Knowing the Financial Philosophy and Standing of a Potential Partner is Growing in Importance

Knowing the Financial Philosophy and Standing  of a Potential Partner is Growing in Importance

     I read an unbelievably interesting article on  Yahoo!Finance  today.  The focus of the article was credit scores, so it's no stretch to see why the topic caught my eye. But this article had a little bit of an eye-catching twist to it, especially if you are presently single, dating, or hoping to.   

     The article reported how credit scores are increasingly becoming a topic of conversation for those dating these days.  And that those conversations regarding credit scores are occurring earlier and earlier in the dating timeline.  Some as early as the first date.

     Wow!  Tough topic to throw at someone when you're just getting to know them, right?  As a Mortgage Lender, I applaud the recognition of the importance of this topic and I am thrilled that many (especially among the young) are finally "getting" that credit scores matter.  

     I've written something a kin t…

I Promise to Love, Cherish ... and Pay My Bills??

I Promise to Love, Cherish ... and Pay My Bills??

*  Food for thought:

According to the 2010 Population Survey (conducted annually by the U.S. Census Bureau), there were about 7.5 million unmarried opposite-sex couples cohabiting in the United States, as well as another 620,000 same-sex couples. The same source reported that married couples account for only 48 percent of all households.

More and more often,especially with young, first-time home buyers, I'm assisting unmarried partners with mortgage financing ... and I'm seeing huge differences in many of their money-handling styles and skills.   
     While I see it in older couples too, the differences often are far more dramatic in the young.  It's typically very clear, one partner is the saver while the other is the spender.  The conversations I have with them certainly reflect that too, as do their credit report(s).

Right now, I'm working with a young, unmarried couple hoping to buy their first home and obtain a mortgag…