Defining "Reasonable" ...

Defining "Reasonable" ...

     Yesterday, I received an email that had obviously been sent a few days prior.  How a few days went by without it being delivered, I'll never know.  But it cost me an opportunity with a new referral partner.

     Upon receipt of the email, I immediately contacted the agent and apologized for my delayed response to the wayward contact.  Explained the "glitch".  It was all I could do.  But they had already moved-on to another resource for assistance.  And so my opportunity, at least at this point, was gone.

     Will I be given that opportunity again?   Or was it lost forever?  Who knows?  And only time will tell.  I'm hoping that I will.

     Bill and Liz Spear, (RE/MAX Elite agents  in Warren County Ohio: Cincinnati to Dayton, OH) just wrote on a kindred topic in their post entitled,  "What's the Cost of an Unreturned Phone Call".  In it, they spoke of the high rate of calls that don't get returned by those in our industry.  A complaint I see written about often.

     It's my opinion that what I relate above about my "wayward" email truthfully happens rarely.  Typically an unreturned phone call is just that.  A call received, but just not reacted toTruth is, returning a call should be fairly simple.  But for me, where this topic often gets muddy is when that call gets returned.

     Truth is, you can't always answer a phone call (and I'll add text, email, social media contact, etc.) when it occurs or even immediately.  There ARE times when it's just not possible.  It seems to me though, that a reasonable amount of time should be allowed for in these instances.

     Now, define "reasonable" ... 

    Each professional must decide and act upon their own comfort level regarding this issue.  But I'm thinking the definition and expectation of reasonable has changed drastically just in the last handful of years.  Reasonable has been shrinking and has become far less patient and understanding.  Thank you technology.  Thank you modern life.

     As a professional mortgage lender, all I can vow ... all I can do ... is to try my best to respond to my communications and calls as quickly and as earnestly as possible within my own definition of reasonable.  I believe that those who know me and have entrusted their business with me in the past will tell you that my response and response time is reasonable, dependable, and timely.  For those that are just establishing a relationship, it remains a work and trust-building in progress.

     And for those that do not like my form of reasonable?  I must come to grips with it and somehow except it ...

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