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Why You Should LOVE Mortgage and Home Buying Education

Why You Should LOVE Mortgage and Home Buying Education
During a recent face-to-face mortgage application with first-time home buyers, it soon became abundantly clear to me that ... 

The couple simply had no clue.

As we talked together further, this also became obvious ...  

Beyond the time we'd spent together in an earlier phone conversation (and subsequent follow-up email), they'd not given one moment of further thought or effort to their financing.  Zero.  Nadda.  Zilch.

But this couple professed over and over that they "really wanted to buy a house".  They said adamantly they "didn't want to rent any longer".  But they'd done nothing to help make that happen.  There'd been no planning or preparation performed on their part.  They had arrived at our appointment together with little of the paperwork I'd requested from them.   

This isn't the first time this has happened with clients.  But it was perhaps one of the most blatant.  

What am I miss…

The Myth of Quick Fix Credit Repair

The Myth of Quick Fix Credit Repair

While preparing for this article, I ran a simple Google search using the term "quick fix credit repair".  

The result was remarkable.  Over 558,000 articles and references popped up in just seconds.

You'd think with all the tips, info, and guidance available at the snap of our fingers, that improving credit and credit scores would be fast and easy, wouldn't you? But no. As usual, there's more to the story ... 

While it's true that options exist for those in need of fast credit score improvement for mortgage purposes via rapid rescoring (improvement of even a few points can have a huge impact on the terms offered during mortgage application),raising credit scores substantially typically takes time.  There is no "quick fix".

Now I know that fact can seem a bit disheartening, especially if you are someone presently in need of credit repair.  But I offer good news to counterbalance it ...  

Simple measures to improve credit…