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From Santa's Helper ... to Successful Home Buyer - Borrower

From Santa's Helper ...  to Successful Home Buyer - Borrower     

     My Mother-in-law, Pauline was a super "Santa's Helper".  In fact, she just may have written the Elves' training manual for Santa ...

 All holidays were never too far from her mind. Never too far off on the calendar for her to be thinking and planning for them.  

Whether it was meals, gifts, preparing her home, or family and friends gathering, she was busy like a bee.  But Christmas?  That was special ... her favorite ... and she pulled out all the stops.

As a farmer's wife and a child of the Depression, she had learned to prepare well ahead for all occasions.  Lean times or snowy weather preventing trips to town could be just around the corner.  

Holiday planning was an art form for her.  It was truly a year-long event.  It was planned out, choreographed, and executed.  She acquired goodies and gifts throughout the year and safely stashed them away in her secret places within the farmhouse.

Now, …

Experience Haunted Houses - Frightening Venues in Will County, IL - Halloween 2016

Experience Haunted Houses - Frightening Venues  in Will County, IL - Halloween 2016  

     October is the time ... and Will County is the place for all things Halloween ...

If you LOVE spooky ghostly thingsand being scared out of your wits, Will County provides them ... offering all manners and levels of outlets, venues, and opportunity to frighten yourself.

     Below you'll find a list.  It contains many of the scary venues and events found throughout Will County during this Halloween season (2016). Venues, times, and availability of each are subject to change, so when possible ... confirm all info in advance of your attendance.

Because:Some towns have areas of themselves that lie within the borders of Will (as well as other counties) ... for your enjoyment, I've expanded my list to include those area's venues as well.

2016 Guide to Will County Halloween
Haunted Homes & Spooky Experiences

Statesville - Haunted Prison & City of the Dead Website:  Statesville Haunted Prison

Credit Reports and History: No One Cares More Than You

Credit Reports and History:  No One Cares More Than You  

     No onecaresmore about your Credit and credit standing than you ... right?  Or should ...

While we expect creditors (banks, credit card companies, collection agencies, student loan lenders, medical providers, retailers, etc.) to act on our behalf regarding the recording of transactions, payments, and accounts, it's a fact ... errors occur.  Errors that result in damage to our Credit History, Credit Scores, and our wallets

How's that?  Errors on our Credit Reports have repercussions.  Some errorsremain undetected for long periods of time.  But even if short in duration, errors can result in lower Credit Scores.  

Those lower Credit Scores, in turn, can cost you money when you apply for insurance(s), as insurance rates may be higher as a result.  They can result in costlier cell service, higher car loan interest rates.  

Or you may find that you're denied when applying for utility service(s), trying to rent, or if hop…