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How Your Tax Refund can Help You Become a Chicagoland Home Buyer

How Your Tax Refund can Help You Become a Chicagoland Home Buyer

Last week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRSannounced it had started accepting 2016 Income Tax Returns for processing ...

If you're one of those estimating you'll receive a refund on your taxes ... and you dream of buying a Chicagoland home in the future is the perfect time to:

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The refund money you receive can be extremely helpful in buying a home.  A common use for the refund money is to use it as a downpayment on a home.

There is good news for those hoping to do just that, as there are presently many mortgage options available for hopeful homebuyers to consider.  Those include many that require only small down payments.  (It's a myth that you need 20% down to buy a home.)  

The following are examples ofmortgageoptions that are available (when qual…

Buyer's Guide to Closing Costs Credits

Buyer's Guide to Closing Costs Credits

Closing Costs ... people are always interested in them.

HOW they can be paid, borrowed, financed ... and possible credits for Closing Costs that might be available to them from their Sellers or their Lender. 

I find that many of my new clients have preconceived notions about Closing Costs.  Or they're just plain confused by them.

And it's easy to understand why this can be the case.  The differing loan types ... Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo loans ... all have varied Rules and Guidelines.  It can be tough for new Borrowers to wrap their head around all of it. It's a lot to digest. 

Adding to the confusion:  In some cases, the amount of down payment made on the purchase can affect the amount of allowed credits received from a Seller.  

Yep.  See what I mean?  It can seem a bit overwhelming. 

That's why, when I hold my initial conversations with Borrowers regarding Closing Cost options, I begin at the beginning ... with the basics…

Thinking of Buying a Chicagoland Condominium? Get Educated and Informed ... it Matters

 Thinking of Buying a Chicagoland Condominium? Get Educated and Informed ... it Matters

Many home buyers, especially first-timers, don't know about (or are confused by) the differences that exist between condominiums and townhomes.  

They also don't know that those differences can trickle down to how ownership is held on these properties ... 

The fact that the differences between these properties are not always something that can be easily seen visually ... definitely adds to this problem.  The differences between the two can be almost indiscernible.

So it becomes vitally important, when considering a purchase of either type of property, that Buyers work with a Chicagoland agent and mortgage originator that is thoroughly educated and experienced in their transacting and financing.  

This education and experience matter greatly.  And it's an area where my background and experience, including 20 years of Chicagoland real estate appraising experience, offers my Borrowers/Buyers a d…