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"Back to School" and You

Friend ...

The extremely hot weather we've been experiencing makes it hard to believe ... but kids will be heading back to school soon.

It's a time of preparation, as a result of this fact. Whether you're moving to a new home in a new school district, shopping for school supplies and school clothes, updating immunizations, or simply helping kids back in the routine and mindset of school days, "back to school" effects many of us.

Below you'll find some info and suggestions to help you make this year's "back to school" time a successful one for you and your family. Hope you enjoy reading through them and find some tips thatmakes the transition back into school and Fall easier and fun.

As always, if I can be of any assistance or answer any questions, please reach out. I'm always glad to help where and when I can.

Best of Luck throughout the upcoming new school year!


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Manhattan School District 114 Back in Session August 24, 2016

Manhattan School District 114  Back in Session August 24, 2016

School will soon be back in session for children attending Manhattan School District 114 schools (Manhattan, IL) ... my hometown.  

The first day of the 2016-2017 school year is slated for August 24, 2016.  (For a full school year/downloadable calendar, click HERE.)
There are multiple schools located within Manhattan School District 114.  They are:

Wilson Creek SchoolContact:  25440 S. Gougar Rd, Manhattan, IL
Phone:  815.478.4527
Website:  Click HERE
Anna McDonald School*  Contact:200 Second Street, Manhattan, IL
                          Phone:  815.478.3310
                          Website:  Click HERE
Manhattan Junior High*  Contact:  15606 W. Smith Road, Manhattan, IL
                          Phone:  815.478.6090
                          Website:  Click HERE

Clearing the Closing Costs Hurdle

Clearing the Closing Costs Hurdle 

     Down Payments, and their accumulation, are often the     First-Time Homebuyer's primary focus once they decide to buy.  Monetarily and mentally, the down payment becomes the one goal they concentrate on ...  

 So when I raise questions regarding the availability(and source) of funds needed for their Mortgage Closing Costs, the question can be somewhat of a surprise.  

 In fact, I often find that many First-Time Buyers are either completely unaware that funds will be needed for these Costs, they've (incorrectly) assumed that their Down Payment covers them, or the costs can be "rolled into the loan" (not allowed, in MOST cases).

But it's a fact:  There are (typically) Closing Costs to consider when borrowing money to buy or Refinance a home.  
The following are the most common costs seen in Chicagoland transactions:

Title InsuranceClosing ServicesLender Fees Home Insurance Premium (also Escrow set-up)Attorney Fees (in Attorney Stat…