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It's Not About "Having" Time. It's About Making Time

It's Not About "Having" Time.   It's About Making Time 
Quote by: Rachael Bermingham
Mortgage Lenders often catch a lot of grief (and bad press) for Closings that don't take place on time ...

     As a Mortgage Lender, I think some times that's a bad rap. But I can't speak to others' actions or the level of service they provide.  
I can only addressmy own professional actions and experiences, my own service level, my own transactions, and what I see take place within them.
And what I'm seeingmore and more often is a very slow and lackadaisical response time in regards to requests for information and documentation.  People just aren't making their response a priority.  This happened again recently.
An email I received within my inbox contained no written message.  It wasn't signed with a name or provide any other clues as to the sender.  
     It did however, contain over 20 pages of attached info.    The majority of those pages contained no names,…

8th Annual Baker/Koren Round Barn Farm Wine Festival, September 26, 2015

8th Annual Baker/Koren Round Barn Farm  Wine Festival, September 26, 2015

     The 8th Annual Baker/Koren Round Barn Wine Festival is once again being held in my hometown of Manhattan, IL on September 26, 2015 ... 
     This Wine Festival is being held at the historic Baker/Koren Round Barn Farm, located at 24115 S. US Rt. 52 in Manhattan, IL... and found conveniently close to major interstates I-355, I-57 and I-80.
     The 8th Annual Baker/Koren Round Barn Wine Festival,is beingheld between the hours of5 pm to 10 pm,andis open to adults 21 years of age and up.
     A Pre-Sale Ticket price of $20 is available to this Festival until Noon on September 25th, 2015.  On the day of the event the ticket price is $25.00.  To purchase your tickets, click HERE.
Entry into the Festival includes: 8 Free wine tastings and a souvenir wine glass.  Food vendors, musical entertainment, a wine seminar, a silent auction, and more add to the day's festivities. Sponsored by:  The Manhattan Park District Fou…

Mortgages: Why All Those Questions Are Important

Mortgages: Why All Those Questions 
Are Important   

     My 5-year-old grandson, Henry, is the most inquisitive kid I've ever run across.  At times, Henry's little mind comes up with questions faster than his lips can spit 'em out.  

     Henry constantly peppers me with questions when we're together.  And let me tell you, his "Pop Pop" loves every minute of it.  Asking questions is a great way for him to learn.

     Many of my mortgage clients are much the same.  Especially when they're first-time home buyers.

 Most borrowers want to know:
Can I get approved for a loan?What info will you need from me? How much home can I buy?How much money can I borrow?What kind of down payment do I need?How soon can I buy?What will my monthly mortgage payment be?and more ...
I think asking questions is good and it's a great way for them to learn ... just as it is with my grandson.

Today's Mortgage Process ... should start with a conversation and should include your tho…

Are You Ready for Fall?

Friends ...
The Fall season offers us cooler days and nights to enjoy our homes.  Golden hues of sunlight and colorful falling leaves. The celebration of friendship around warm outdoor fires.  
Fall also provides us time to prepare our homes for the colder winter months ahead.  To button-up and secure.
For these reasons and more, I've found and included some timely Fall tips for you below.  I hope they help you utilize the coming Fall days to maximum potential ... around your home, with your family, and in your life. 
Always remember ... throughout the Fall and entire year, I'm at your disposal for mortgage info, answers, and service ... and for anyone you know and referthat may be in need. 

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