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Heard you Can't Buy a Home if you Have Student Loans? WRONG!

Heard you Can't Buy a Home if you Have  Student Loans?  WRONG!

Do you ...
Want to buy a home?Have Student Loan debt?If you answered "Yes" to the questions above, it's important for you to know that contrary to what is commonly seen and believed, it is possible to buy a home when you have Student Loans ... and many are doing it.

Student Loans do not have to stand in the way of home ownership.  You can buy and finance a home purchase successfully.  

First some information ...

Remember back to your Student Loan search?  There were multiple options for you to consider, right?  

There were: 
Private Loan options  Federal Loan Options Differing loan terms Differing repayment plans  Options to defer payments Re-payment that could be based on future incomeInterest-only paymentsMoreWell, just as there were differing loan options available then, there are also differing mortgage options available now.  Mortgage options that can help you buy a home.

It is, however, important to work wi…

Is the Mortgage Originator You Chose a Good Conversationalist? No? Choose Again ...

Is the Mortgage Originator You  Chose a Good Conversationalist? No?  Choose Again ...

Consider this scenario ...

You've been invited to a party.  You don't know many people there.  You know it's going to be a long boring party if you don't start to mingle and meet others.  So, you head-off to introduce yourself and make some new friends.

But what do you say?  After the initial witty ice-breaker, what then?  How do you keep the conversation rolling?  

Think back on those people you've talked to in previous situations.  Who was a good conversationalist?  What made them stand out?  What made them memorable?  What did they say or do?

I'm guessing that those you remember as good conversationalists focused on you, not themselves.  When talking with you, they let you talk about yourself.

They listened well.  And at least primarily, listened far more than they talked.  They made you feel comfortable.  Made you feel it was okay to be yourself and open up with them. 

And after yo…

Manhattan School District 114 is Back in Session August 23, 2017

Manhattan School District 114 is  Back in Session August 23, 2017

School will soon be back in session for children attending Manhattan School District 114 schools (Manhattan, IL)... my hometown. 
The first full day of the2017-2018 school year is slated for August 23, 2017.  
Parents should be aware:  Attendance for Student Orientation and Locker Move-In ... plus "Back to School Open House" and Supply Drop-Off dates/times may be in play for their child, depending on their age and class level. For info on those upcoming dates, please click HERE.
There are 3 schools located within Manhattan School District 114.  Those schools are:

Wilson Creek School * Contact: 25440 S. Gougar Rd, Manhattan, IL
Phone: 815.478.4527
Website: Click HERE Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

Anna McDonald School * Contact: 200 Second Street, Manhattan, IL
Phone: 815.478.3310
Website: Click HERE Third through 5th Grade

Manhattan Junior High * Contact: 15606 W. Smith Road, Manhattan, IL
Phone: 815.478.6090
Website: Click

Fact VS Fiction: TV Home Buying & Home Renovation Shows

Fact VS Fiction:  TV Home Buying & Home Renovation Shows
I just read yet another article on TV's home buying/home renovation reality shows.  This one focused on how these TV shows set the tone for real estate trends and expectations consumers have for real estate transactions.

Trends ... buyer and seller expectations ... buyer and seller needs.  Each is now uber-sensitive to the barrage of info shared (or not shared) within these shows' scripts. 

Some proof of this lies within "what's hot and what's not" in real estate.  The article I read urges us to think about granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.  These TV shows preach that these features are what buyers want ... demand ... need.  Their repetitiveness and preaching evolve into self-fulfilled prophecy.

As a Mortgage Originator, I'd love to see some info regarding home financing included within these shows on a consistent basis.  Help set trends regarding financing.

To showcase the need for …