Is the Mortgage Originator You Chose a Good Conversationalist? No? Choose Again ...

Is the Mortgage Originator You 
Chose a Good Conversationalist? 
No?  Choose Again ...

Consider this scenario ...

 Have Questions?  Let's Talk!You've been invited to a party.  You don't know many people there.  You know it's going to be a long boring party if you don't start to mingle and meet others.  So, you head-off to introduce yourself and make some new friends.

But what do you say?  After the initial witty ice-breaker, what then?  How do you keep the conversation rolling?  

Think back on those people you've talked to in previous situations.  Who was a good conversationalist?  What made them stand out?  What made them memorable?  What did they say or do?

I'm guessing that those you remember as good conversationalists focused on you, not themselves.  When talking with you, they let you talk about yourself.   

They listened well.  And at least primarily, listened far more than they talked.  They made you feel comfortable.  Made you feel it was okay to be yourself and open up with them. 

And after you did?  These memorable new friends responded to you by name.  They were able to parrot back to you what you'd said.  They proved they'd really been listening.  You knew it for a fact.

Wondering how this relates to mortgage financing?  Let me explain ...

In the preliminary or preparatory stage of financing a New Lenox - Chicagoland home purchase or Refinance, it's always best to seek and work with a Mortgage Originator.  The info and helpful advice they provide can be immeasurable.  

A good Mortgage Originator can assist you in navigating your mortgage process more swiftly, easily, and advantageously.  I always recommend that buyers/borrowers start working with a Mortgage Originator as soon as they decide to buy or borrow.  The earlier in the process the better.  (I think this so very important, that I've offered advice how to conduct a Mortgage Originator search in prior posts.) 

But to that previous advice, I add:  Choose your Mortgage Originator much like you would choose a good conversation/conversationalist ... or new friend at a party.  


You're going to be working with your Originator very closely for an extended period of time.  It only makes sense to choose someone with these positive characteristics.

Refer back to the attributes mentioned above.  Don't you want your Mortgage Originator to be a:

  • Good listener?
  • Inquisitive?
  • Good communicator?
  • Deliver a sense of Security and Assuredness?
  • Caring?
  • An ear and eye for Detail?
  • Provide personal attention?
  • Make you feel comfortable?
  • Emit trustworthiness?

Let's have that conversation! Contact me ..
The parallels that can (and should) be drawn between a good friend, a good conversationalist and trusted Mortgage Originator are strong.  All the attributes are directly related to the mortgage success you find ... the ease in which you find it ... and the quality of your financing and financing experience.  

The time and attention given to the act of choosing a Mortgage Originator is short-changed too often by too many seeking financing assistance.  

Fact is, there are huge differences to be found between Mortgage Originators ... in experience, service, mortgage programs offered, quality of advice, clarity, and frequency of communication, and personality.  

Knowing your options and the differences that exist between Mortgage Originators is just as important as knowing the options and differences that exist between mortgage interest rates, mortgage programs, and even homes currently available for purchase.  Each, including your choice of Mortgage Originator, can have a huge impact on the money you end-up spending and your future. 

If currently an active home buyer, someone looking to buy at some point in the future, or seeking a refinance of your present home:  Take the time to conduct an in-depth search for your Mortgage Originator.  Do your homework.

Consider each candidate's ability to communicate. Evaluate the quality of the conversation you hold with them.  Ask yourself:  Did they demonstrate the positive attributes shared above?  Could they be a trusted "friend" or confidante?  

Should any of the attributes be missing, prepare yourself for a rocky road. Or continue your Originator search ...

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