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Phil Mickelson: What he Teaches us About Credit and Credit Reports

Phil Mickelson:   What he Teaches us About Credit and Credit Reports

     I'm a fan of golfer  Phil Mickelson.  I'm not alone.  Phil is one of the most popular golfers playing in the PGA today.

     Now if you follow golf and Phil Mickelson's play, you know that Phil ... well, Phil can make your head spin.  One day he'll have you shaking your head with his choice of club, his decision-making, or loss of concentration.  Just frustrate the heck out of you.  And the next, he'll blind you with the depth of his remarkable talent.  (As I write this, Philended his day at the Waste Management Phoenix Open on Thursday, 1/31/2013 with a round of 60.)

But because of Phil's history, it came as no surprise to anyone when a few years back, Phil Mickelson's golf play seemed on yet another zig zag course.Some days good, other days sad.  And at times it began to look to me as though Phil would rather not be on the course.  

    News then arrived during the 2010 season, that Ph…

1 More Reason to Have Good Credit ... and Keep Good Credit

1 More Reason to Have Good Credit ...  and Keep Good Credit

     Did you know that ... according to a survey by the  Society for Human Resource Management,60% of private employers check the credit histories of at least some of their job applicants.  13% conduct them on ALL candidates. 

Rather sobering statistics that provide even more credibility to my ongoing message regarding the importance of good credit.  Creating a good credit history, then maintaining it is vital these days.  It's why I recommend checking your credit, at minimum, once per year, either by going to,  or by contacting me.

Proof ... strong proof ... lies within these stats.  More and more of our lives are dependent on our credit status.  Insurance rates.  Obtaining cell phones.  Loans of all types.  Renting an apartment.  Utility services within our homes and businesses.  Jobs.

     And yes, you read that right.  JOBS ...

Here in Illinois (other states also - Hawaii, Washington, Maryland, Co…

You Go to the Gym. You Workout Daily. But How is Your FINANCIAL Fitness??

You Go to the Gym.  You Workout Daily.  But How is Your FINANCIAL Fitness??

During a mortgage pre-qualification, I ask many questions.  Among those questions are those pertaining to the applicant's credit and credit scores.  This shouldn't be surprising, given the enormous importance credit plays in mortgage lending.

What's surprising to me though, is NOT the number of those applicants that don't know their credit scores.  Nope.  

It's the sheer number of those that think they DO ... and then are totally, utterly, completely wrong.  They truly have no clue just how "financially fit" they are.  

Now I'm not talking people trying to misrepresent the reality of their credit scores.  That happens, although I don't understand why someone would try this, as I'm obviously going to uncover the truth when their credit report is run.   

No,I'm talking those that honestly do not know.  And being in the dark about credit and credit scores?  It's just n…

A Wedding - Home Buying Registry ... What Do You Think?

A Wedding - Home Buying Registry
What Do You Think?

     Prior to my wife joining me in my business, she worked in a local travel agency owned and run by one of her best friends.  For many reasons, she loved her job there.  Can you think of a job that could be more fun that promoting travel and travel destinations?  And the clients!  They were typically a pretty upbeat, fun group.  Especially those planning their honeymoons.

I think my wife would have stayed working at the travel agency forever had business not come to a screeching halt as a result of 9/11.  If you remember correctly, no one went anywhere for a good long while after that.  And marketing wasn't going to change that.

     But one of the marketing concepts that was just beginning to take shape at the travel agency just prior to that momentous day was focused on couples planning theirhoneymoon.  Kay Travel had just implemented a new Honeymoon Registry system and it was beginning to take off.  

     The Honeymoon Registry w…

Endorsement/Testimonial for Nancy Conner, City Realty Inc. in Olympia, WA

Endorsement/Testimonial for  Nancy Conner, City Realty Inc.  in Olympia, WA

I typically find when speaking to other real estate professionals, no matter what "arm" of the industry they are in ... that the road they took to their real estate career is usually an interesting one.  Many times they have backgrounds of other lines of work that somehow led them to real estate.

     That is the case with  Nancy Conner, Managing Broker at City Realty Inc., in Olympia, Washington.  

     Prior to becoming a real estate professional, Nancy Conner worked in the county Assessor's office for almost 2 decades.  The education and knowledge she gained from her years there were an unbelievably important and helpful one when she became a realtor and broker in 1995.  Imagine the wealth of information she has to draw upon!  Imagine just how much that benefits her clients now, as well as all those participating in transactions with her!

     Not only does Nancy Conner have her own personal job exp…