A Wedding - Home Buying Registry ... What Do You Think?

A Wedding - Home Buying Registry
What Do You Think?

     Prior to my wife joining me in my business, she worked in a local travel agency owned and run by one of her best friends.  For many reasons, she loved her job there.  Can you think of a job that could be more fun that promoting travel and travel destinations?  And the clients!  They were typically a pretty upbeat, fun group.  Especially those planning their honeymoons.

     I think my wife would have stayed working at the travel agency forever had business not come to a screeching halt as a result of 9/11.  If you remember correctly, no one went anywhere for a good long while after that.  And marketing wasn't going to change that.

     But one of the marketing concepts that was just beginning to take shape at the travel agency just prior to that momentous day was focused on couples planning their honeymoon.  Kay Travel had just implemented a new Honeymoon Registry system and it was beginning to take off.  

     The Honeymoon Registry worked much like other registries.  Couples chose their honeymoon destination, then added a menu of items or activities that they wanted ... say like a snorkeling adventure, a specific restaurant, or horseback riding.  Wedding guests were made aware of the Registry via the Shower or Wedding invitations.   

     Friends and relatives interested in gifting in this manner could then choose to donate to the honeymoon's general cost or supply/arrange a "gift" off the couple's menu of chosen activities/items.  I always thought the idea a good one.  And as I said, it was catching on.

     I'm thinking, maybe I should start something similar with my mortgage lending.  Work in tandem with local realtors ... and help couples set-up a Wedding - Home Buying Registry.  I mean, what can you think of that would be more helpful to today's marrying couple?  The hard cold truth is, that saving for a downpayment has gotten much harder.  This could be valuable help and assistance.

     I can tell you from my personal experience with my own sons and the couples I see.  Times have changed.  Needs have changed.

     The average unmarried couple that I see regarding mortgages is no longer as young as those of decades ago.  The age at which they marry has risen dramatically.  Their situations and financial scenarios are quite different as well.  They have the coffeemaker, the linens, and dishes.  They've been out of their parents home and on their own for quite a while.

    And still others are re-starting their lives.  They may have once been self-sufficient, but the recession forced them back home.  Now I'm seeing more and more that are wanting their own place again.  They are dreaming of rejoining the housing market.  Or ... the couple is remarrying.  They're pooling two households of wares and furniture.  Mingling two families.  They need more room.

     Those marrying today find themselves with needs that are quite different from those in the past.  The wedding gifts once gladly received just aren't needed as often.  So again, what would really help these modern couples most? What gift would have real impact on their lives?

     My answer?  Monetary gifts.  Now I know money has become the gift of choice for many wedding attendees.  And I know many marrying couples depend on those gifts to help pay for the wedding day itself.  But if you're like me, just giving money feels somewhat impersonal .. a little detached. 

     If you knew your wedding couple was hoping to buy a home ... and there was a way to actively help them, wouldn't that make the monetary gifting seem just a bit more meaningful?  A Wedding - Home Buying Registry.  Call me crazy ... and I'm thinking outside the box a bit, but I like the concept

     Rules and Regulations being what they are now , I'm sure there's more than a few "kinks" to work out with this concept.  But still, it sure would be the wedding gift that kept giving ... and grew in value.  

     Mull the idea over a bit.  What do you think??

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