Inspired by One of ActiveRain's Own

Inspired by One of ActiveRain's Own

     I had no idea what I would write about in my post today.  So I started reading other posts on ActiveRain ... and bing! bing! bing!  Things just fell into place ...

     One of the first posts I read today was entitled,  "Mortgages Are About More Than Just the Money", by Bridget "Mortgage Mama" McGee.  If you didn't catch her post, I suggest you do so.  One, because it's a well-written post authored by an intelligent, talented writer.  But more importantly, because it states why some Mortgage Lenders are still in business and have survived the housing crisis.  

     I won't dwell on the "blame" game played or what was true, not true, hyped, or legitimate regarding the housing mess.  But I will say, that as in any profession, there are good and bad.  Mortgage lending was and is no different.  

     But I will also relate that the last few years have been a hard road to navigate for those Lenders that are in the business because it is their chosen way of life.  Their calling.  What they love to do.  For those that have always tried to do what's right.

     It's not easy to hear what has been said about your industry.  It's not easy to sit across a desk from clients that believe the hype they hear.  That enter your transaction with the mindset that all lenders are "crooks" and hoping to take advantage of them.  There have been times where I have sensed the loathing spilling from a client.  Or their fear.  That after we just met for the first time.

     At those times I have felt many emotions.  Tired.  Bruised.  On edge.  Mad.  I know I cannot be alone in feeling these things.  And personally, after over 3 decades of being a Lender, I'd think each of them understandable.

     But as Bridget McGee's post told, "mortgages aren't just about the money".  To me.  To Bridget McGee.  And to many other mortgage lenders that are trying very hard to do their job well, ethically, morally, and to serve their clients' needs, as best they can.
     I have found many such mortgage lenderon ActiveRain.  I am sure there are many more that I have not discovered, as of yet.  But some of the Lenders I have talked to, worked with, and come to respect are:

     *  Bridget McGee
     *  Paul McFadden 
     *  Neville Williams 
     *  Stephen Cook 
     *  Stephanie Stringer
     *  Rob Spinosa 
     *  Dave Krichmar 
     *  Deborah Garvin 
     Do YOU know them? 

     ActiveRain is a great place to find referral partners.  And yes, I know many referrals are offered through AR on the Referral pages here, but few listed are for Lenders.  I ask that agents on AR remember that there are non-agent members looking for referrals too.  Lenders, Stagers, Home Inspectors, Insurance Agents, and others ... all hoping to expand their business and be considered, just as you do. 

     Inspired by One of ActiveRain's Own.  The post I read this morning by Bridget McGee made me proud.  It made me smile and it soothed me.  It reminded me of why I became and remain a  Mortgage Lender.  And I appreciate that ... 

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