Endorsement/Testimonial for Nancy Conner, City Realty Inc. in Olympia, WA

Endorsement/Testimonial for 
Nancy Conner, City Realty Inc. 
in Olympia, WA

     I typically find when speaking to other real estate professionals, no matter what "arm" of the industry they are in ... that the road they took to their real estate career is usually an interesting one.  Many times they have backgrounds of other lines of work that somehow led them to real estate.

     That is the case with  Nancy Conner, Managing Broker at City Realty Inc., in Olympia, Washington.  

     Prior to becoming a real estate professional, Nancy Conner worked in the county Assessor's office for almost 2 decades.  The education and knowledge she gained from her years there were an unbelievably important and helpful one when she became a realtor and broker in 1995.  Imagine the wealth of information she has to draw upon!  Imagine just how much that benefits her clients now, as well as all those participating in transactions with her!

     Not only does Nancy Conner have her own personal job experiences to call upon, but Nancy also had an amazing mentor to draw upon while growing up.  Nancy's father was a realtor and broker, as well.  And now Nancy's son is working with her ... so I guess you'd have to say that real estate runs deep in her blood.

     Nancy's dad, who I knew, ran his real estate office in the town where I started my career.  Back when I first began in mortgage lending, I had the opportunity to work with him and his agents often, as he had some of the area's premier realtors working under him in his agency.  

    Nancy Conner was one of the first  ActiveRain  members to reach out to me when I first joined the AR ranks about 5 years ago.  While talking back and forth, Nancy and I learned more and more about one another and found out just how much we had in common.  

     Nancy Conner serves the home buyers and sellers in the area of Olympia, WA ... and the entire Thurston County area.  I'm providing mortgages back in her home turf of Chicagoland.  But here we are ... friends and business referral partners.  It's truly funny just how small our big world really is. 

     I've learned and gained much from my relationship with Nancy Conner on ActiveRain.  I see much of her father in her in many ways.  From her pictures, I can tell she definitely has his big, easy smile.  From talking with her, I know she has his good heart.  But she approaches the business much the same as he did too.  She gives the same level of caring, detailed attention to her clients, the transaction, and real estate partners.   

     Anyone looking to buy, sell, or invest in a home or property in the Olympia/Thurston County area of Washington state, or would like information regarding all the area has to offer ... would be wise and well-served to  contact  Nancy Conner at City Realty Inc. to assist themThey'd have a fierce advocate and friend on their side during their transaction ... and after. 

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