Will County, IL Property Taxes: Payment, Assessments, Assessment Protest, Important Dates, Info, and More

Will County, IL Property Taxes:
Payment, Assessments, Assessment Protest, 
Important Dates, Info, and More
     No doubt about it ...  real estate property taxes,  and everything about them, is important and of interest to most people. 

Gene Mundt, Mortgage Lender Will County IL blog
     If you live, own property, or do business in  Will County, IL ... the details of  When, What, Where, and How of Will County, IL   taxes ... and their payment ... is of particular interest to you because it directly effects you, your investment, or your life. 
     Because property taxes and property assessments can effect you so intensely and personally ... being thoroughly educated  about your Will County, IL taxes, assessments, taxing bodies, and taxing systems needs to go beyond knowing just HOW much tax to pay, WHERE you can pay, and WHEN tax installments are due ... although that is obviously very important.  But pure and simple, it's to your benefit to know much more.

     Property owners in Will County, IL can obtain a thorough, beneficial tax education by attending some of the many free Tax Forums, Senior Informational Events, and Tax Seminars offered every year throughout the County.

     Opportunities also exist to educate and increase your awareness regarding the  Property Assessment  procedures for Will County, Property Assessment Protest Dates, Tax Publication Dates, Delinquent Tax Sales, and much much more.  Each opportunity to learn can prove very beneficial to those that already own property within the County. 
   But this education and these opportunities can prove just as beneficial to those contemplating the starting of a business within the County, or considering a property purchase in the future ... especially first-time home buyers. It helps them plan and prepare. 
     Many of the educational  opportunities regarding taxes and assessments are offered or sponsored by the County itself.  Others are hosted by elected officials as a public service.  Still others are provided by businesses and community groups hoping to benefit property owners and businesses by increasing the knowledge they have at their disposal and their level of awareness.
     Details on Will County, IL taxes and  contact info  for assistance can be easily found on the  Will County Treasurer's website.  The ability to make Will County, IL tax payments  exists on the convenient  Will County Treasurer site, as well.  Additional property assessment and contact info is available on the  Will County governmental website, under Supervisor of Assessments.  

     For your convenience, I have listed some important dates revolving around Will County, IL property taxes and assessments for the  remaining portion of 2012  below.  They include:

Important 2012 Will County Tax and Assessment Dates
                 Date/Deadline                  INFO
                      September 4              2nd Installment Deadline
                            September 4                Tax Forum - 3:00pm                                                                                             Carillon Lakes  
                                                               21325 Carillon Lakes Dr., Crest Hill, IL 60403
                                                (Residents Only)
                       October 5                   9:00am to Noon
                                                Emily McAsey Senior Expo 
                                                   Romeoville Rec Center
                                                     416 N. Weber Rd.
                                                    Romeoville, IL 60446
                      October 22    Last day to pay property taxes with non-certified funds in                                                        Treasurer's office
                      November 5             Deadline for Removing Name
                                                       from Publications
                      November 9    Last day to pay property taxes w/out $10 publication fee
                   November 13-16          Delinquent Taxes published
                                          November 29       Last day to pay property taxes online
                      December 5    Last day to pay property taxes in Treasurer's Office
                    December 6-7         Annual Sale of Delinquent Taxes 
     * Rolling dates:  The appeal filing process for the  Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board  begins the date the Board of Review Final Decisions are published.  The deadlines are thirty (30) days from the date of publication  (the publication date may vary each year).   For the deadline dates that apply to your  area of Will County, IL ... please refer to the dates of publication via the link below: 

     Being an informed, responsible, and pro-active Will County, IL property owner/taxpayer, is possible when you are thoroughly aware and educated regarding our taxing bodies, the tax system, and the possibilities and options that exist for you within it.
      Should you not find the answers you seek, please contact the  Will County Assessor for your property's location,  contact the  Will County Treasurer's  office, or the  Will County Supervisor of Assessments  office for help, guidance, and assistance.
      Also … I am always happy to answer whatever questions I can, as well.  Please feel free to  contact me  so we can talk today ...
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Listen ... Educate ... and Ask Questions the entire way. It's for your own good!

Listen ... Educate ... and Ask Questions 
the entire way. 
It's for your own good!

      You, like me, have probably been reading about  the upsurge in home sales and rise in demand for home mortgages.  All good news ... right?

    Well, it seems yes ... and no.

    NBC News  just yesterday,  released an article  speaking to this very issue.   Seems that yes, demand for new mortgages is growing.  But banks are not handling the rise in business very well.  And because of this, the new  Federal Reserve's stimulus plan  is in jeopardy.  Or at minimum, in jeopardy of not being utilized to its full potential.

     Part of the hope of this latest stimulus, was that banks would lower interest rates even more than the historic lows we have been experiencing.  This in turn would motivate Home Buyers to enter the market for the first time, or again.  That in turn would produce a domino effect and rates would fall and  ... well, you get the idea.

     But this, is not what is happening.  Many banks or lending institutions are not hiring enough staff to handle the requests for mortgages that they are receiving.  At least not enough to provide smooth and quick turnaround and ultimately, good service.   Why??  Because they say they do not want to have to layoff staff when demand falls again.  

     You probably wonder why I, as a Mortgage Lender, would bring this to your attention.  And this is my answer ...

     NOW more than ever, it is vitally important for Home Buyers and Borrowers to fully engage themselves in their home buying transaction and mortgage process.  From the  first moment you're thinking that you hope to buy or refinance a home, you must  educate yourself  about every step of the Home Buying transaction.  Then you must take measures to  fully prepare  for the process too.  And that includes a thorough search for ... and analysis of ... the professionals you choose to utilize during your transaction and financing.   

     And that, is exactly what I'm hoping you will do after reading the above NBC News report and this post.

     Two of the most important questions you can ask any Mortgage Lender  while in the interview process is,  "What percentage of your applications are you successfully Closing?" ... and  "What percentage of those that you Closed are doing so ON TIME, as stated within the Contract?"  In other words, BEFORE choosing a Lender, ask that  Mortgage Lender  what their "batting average" and "stats" are.  And then take the time and make the effort to verify them.
     If those two "stats" are low or they start hemming-and- hawing ... keep looking.  You've not found the right Mortgage Lender ... or the Lender that is equipped to successfully work with you and on your behalf.
     As a Home Buyer, YOU are capable of and responsible for directing much of your own destiny.  YOU must be a driving force behind your home buying transaction and mortgage financing success.  Listen ... Educate ... and Ask Questions the entire way.  It's for your own good! 

     *   Work with a Mortgage Lender that has a proven history of successful representation and Mortgage Closings. Contact me today!  I'll put my 35+ years of mortgage experience and expertise to work on your behalf.  (References available)
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Don't listen to the noise or static around you. Make wise CHOICES based upon the facts contained within YOUR personal mortgage financing scenario ...

Don't listen to the noise or static around you.  
     Make wise CHOICES based upon the facts contained within YOUR personal mortgage financing scenario ...    

     Choices ... They exist in every walk of life.  They come in big and small sizes, with big and small consequences.  And they arrive on your doorstep during almost every second of your day. 

     While Home Buying, you most certainly confront many CHOICES throughout your mortgage financing process.  From beginning to end, you are asked to make decisions.  Choose!  Choose!  Choose!  The mere thought of all those CHOICES needing to be made ... surely seems a bit overwhelming, I'm sure.

     Certainly one of the first choices that needs to be made in a home buying transaction, typically surrounds the choice of  Mortgage Lender.  Often times, your Realtor can and will guide you, providing options and choices of lending professionals for consideration.  Realtors are an excellent source for reliable referrals.  

     Other times, Buyers already have an existing relationship with a bank or  lender ... and seek financing from the institution in which they maintain their savings or checking accounts ... or from which they have borrowed in the past.  All sound, solid reasons on which to base a choice.      Co-Workers, family members, friends, acquaintances will chirp-in with names and referrals.  These too are all great resources for you.  

     Once that important decision is behind you, discussions with your chosen Mortgage Lender begin.  Many more options come up for discussion and consideration.  Here is where guidance from external influences may NOT be helpful.

      Now let me be clear ... I'm not advocating that you, the Buyer, not be informed or educated.  Far from it.  An educated, pro-active, involved Buyer is always preferred ... and my best client to work with.  But it's my opinion that in the current lending environment, the best thing you (or any Borrower) can do, is LISTEN to the guidance you are receiving from me, your Mortgage Lender 

     That's because my main objective, and that of all parties actually taking part within your purchase transaction, must be:
  •      Your successful Closing
  •      Your Closing ON THE DATE enclosed within the Contract
    Outside sources, no matter how well meaning ... expressing opinions, instilling fears, injecting personal and past experiences, working without YOUR personal info and specific financing factors ... do NOT help you (or any other Buyer) during your home buying and mortgage processing. They typically don't help you make timely, sound CHOICES. 

     As Mortgage Lender, I too often find myself having to mentally arm-wrestle "ghosts".  Unseen, good-intentioned "counselors" whispering what are counter-productive insights and direction in my client's ear.  And again, no matter how well-intentioned, these interjections will slow and bog down your process and possibly confuse you.  In today's market, that can be absolutely lethal to a home buying transaction.

     I cannot express strongly enough, that just as YOU, my Borrower, is an unique individual ... so is your mortgage financing experience.  Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two mortgage transactions are alike.  What happened within a friend's or family member's financing, what happened years ago, or in a prior transaction, will NOT and does NOT pertain to your financing now.  

     The decisions, CHOICES, options, facts, dates, details, information, insights, and requests that are made and take place within YOUR mortgage processing are yours and yours alone.  No one shares them.  You should not compare.  To do so only makes your CHOICES and the decision-making process more confusing and unclear ... and CHOICES much more difficult to make.

     Listening to, asking questions of, and then following the guidance of your  Mortgage Lender  is vitally important to the success of your transaction and Closing.  You have many options to consider and CHOICES ahead as you move through your home buying transaction and mortgage processing.  

     Don't listen to the noise or static around you.  Make wise CHOICES based upon the facts contained within YOUR personal mortgage financing scenario ...

     *  Dreaming of Buying a Home or Refinancing your present mortgage?  Contact me!  I'll put my 35+ years of mortgage experience and expertise to work on YOUR behalf.
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Don't Accidentally Start a Fire ... Install a Fire Detector Within Your Contracts

Don't Accidentally Start a Fire

Install a Fire Detector Within Your Contracts

     From start to finish ... the dates and chronology of a Real Estate Contract have become increasingly important to the outcome of the transaction.  This is certainly true here in my  Will County, IL  housing market, as well as across the nation.

      But as of late, I've received some Real Estate Contracts with some time-frames written into them that have been absolutely impossible to meet.  To offer an analogy, they were a smoldering fire just waiting to burn.
Contact Gene Mundt, Mortgage Lender

     Perhaps my most clear-cut example of this was a recent loan where I received the freshly negotiated contract on my desk mid-afternoon on a Tuesday, and then received a call from the Seller's attorney early the next morning wanting to know if I had the loan Clear to Close yet. 


     The return to a healthier housing market has brought competition back amongst Buyers for desirable sales properties.  That's a positive.  However,  I'm now beginning to see Closing dates on Contracts being used as bargaining tools.  Dates being used in efforts to enhance the desirability of a Buyer's offer ...  the strategy being that a quicker Close might catch the eye of a Seller and deem the Buyer more attractive. 

     Listen, I "get it" and see the temptation to do this.  However, a realistic  Closing timetable in the present market is 45 to 60 days out.  Banks, Lenders, title companies, attorneys, appraisal companies, etc. just don't have the staff to keep up with the present demand or get things done faster.  (Beware of those that say they do or can.)  Don't look for this problem to go away anytime soon.

     But so often, the current problem also boils down to this ...  Who's the Seller of the property you are interested in?  In the current housing market, the participants do not always reflect the traditional Buyer/Seller/Realtor transactions of old.  Rather, the Banks are approving a  short-sale contract.  Add  "corporate seller" into the mix too ... a Seller that can agree to the Contract only  AFTER  a week to 10 days of working through layers of management before signatures are obtained.

     My opinion is that we don't have all parties to the transaction in sync right now, and the system is broke.  I'm sure many will wholeheartedly agree with me in that assessment.  With Lenders, such as myself, needing to see a finalized fully-executed  Contract before  I can ultimately achieve a  FINAL LOAN APPROVAL ... the whole mortgage process has been slowed way down. 

     When 8, 10, 12 days  can transpire on a Contract prior  to my being fully capable of acting upon it ... and the Contract's Closing date is scheduled  30 to 40 days out?  You have a disaster just waiting to happen.  A fire is smoldering and about to break-out.

     Those time-frames don't and can't work for Lenders right now.  In many cases, we realistically don't have the time needed to secure clear-to-close.  Requests for Extensions of all kinds will have to be made.

Contact Gene Mundt, Mortgage Lender     So what's the answer?  There IS no pat or quick-fix answer for these scenarios.  But ALL parties and entities involved in a transaction must demand and strive for more realistic Contract Closing dates.  My message to my Buyers is this ...

     Start the formal  Loan Application  prior  to offering to buy a Short Sale Property or a Foreclosed Property.  Get some preliminary work done.  Start in ADVANCE of waiting/hearing of Bank or Seller Approval.  If you don't, you run the very real risk of NOT receiving your Loan Approval on time and delaying your Closing. 

     I always ask that the Buyer's Agent assists me in convincing the Buyer to take this action.  Many do ... and I've always found that in those instances, our combined efforts work much more successfully in accomplishing this goal.  

    Don't accidentally start a fire.  Install a fire detector within your Contracts.  Let's work together and find ways to keep the heat to a bare minimum ... avoid the fires ... and get our transactions closed successfully.

     *  Are you (or your clients) hoping to buy a home in  Will County  or elsewhere across Chicagoland?  Contact me  now.  I will put my 35+ years of experience and expertise to work on your behalf and guide you through processing to a successful mortgage Closing.
     I can be found at any of the following:
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Help Make the Upcoming Holiday Season Brighter for our Troops! Decorate/Donate a Holiday Stocking at The Oaks Recreation & Fitness Center in Mokena, IL on November 11th

Help Make the Upcoming Holiday Season Brighter for our Troops!
 Decorate/Donate a Holiday Stocking at The Oaks Recreation
& Fitness Center in Mokena, IL on November 11th

Contact Gene Mundt, Mortgage Lender     Bright lights, holiday decorations, warm homes, glowing fireplaces,  wonderful foods, refreshments, loving family, good friends.  They are all things typically associated with the holiday season ... a holiday season that's quickly approaching.
     But what if you're in the military and overseas?  All those wonderful things can seem pretty far away.  You can seem forgotten.
     To prevent that from happening, the Mokena Park District and The Oaks Recreation & Fitness Center is  working hard towards making this 2012 Holiday Season as memorable as possible for all our troops ... and YOU can help! 

     Donations are needed!  
     The Mokena Park District and The Oaks Recreation & Fitness Center are now accepting donations at the Mokena Park District Office, located at:  10925 LaPorte Rd., Mokena, IL.  All donated items will fill the holiday stockings being made and heading to our troops through  "Operation Care Package".

     Needed donations include:
Contact Gene Mundt, Mortgage Lender 
  •   Fabric and Craft Items, Old Christmas Cards    
  •    Nuts, Trail Mix, Sunflower Seeds, Protein Bars, Dried fruit, Fruit snacks
  •    Sunglasses/Safety Glasses
  •    Jerky, Slim Jims, Sausages
  •    Ground Coffee  (Singles to Lg. Cans), Hot cider & hot chocolate packets
  •    Pre-Sweetened Kool-aid or Gatorade packs  
  •    Shampoo, Bars of Soap, Wet-Wipes, Conditioner, Hair & ChapStik
  •    Deodorant, Nail Clippers, Small Packs of Kleenex, Tylenol, Multi-Vitamins  
  •    Sunblock, Mosquito Repellant
  •    Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Floss, Small bottles of mouthwash
  •    Shoe insoles (gel & odor eater)
  •    Ziplock Bags (all sizes)
  •    Cup-0f-Soup, Ramon Noodles, Dinty Moore, E-Z Mac & Cheese, Canned Tuna, Canned Chicken
  •    Pre-packaged cookies, Instant and Boxed cereals  
  •    Popcorn, Small boxes of crackers  
  •    Peanut Butter & Jellies (no glass containers, please)
  •    Chews, Gum  
  •    Foot powder, Anti-fungal cream  
  •    Batteries
  •    Hand & Foot warmers, Warm Gloves, Men's work & crew socks
  •    Playing Cards & Card Games (UNO, Skip Bo, Yahtzee, Etc.)
Additional items needed by "Operation Care Page" are listed on their website: 
Additional information regarding the
Mokena Park DistrictThe Oaks Recreation & Fitness Center,  etc. may be found Contact Gene Mundt, Mortgage Lenderon their respective websites/links. 
     Holiday Stockings will be made from the donated fabric and craft items, then filled with donated items for our brave troops. 

     YOU can help make Holiday Stockings at The Oaks Recreation & Fitness Center on November 11th, between the hoursof 11 am to 2 pm.  All participants can write and include a note to a serviceperson within their stocking.
     If you cannot attend that day, please think about donating to this timely and wonderful cause anyway. 
     Help Make the Upcoming Holiday Season Brighter for our Troops!  Take part by Decorating/Donating a Holiday Stocking at The Oaks Recreation & Fitness Center in Mokena, IL on November 11th ...

     *  If you are hoping to buy a home within the Mokena Park DistrictWill County, or surrounding Chicagoland region ... please  contact me!  I'll answer all your credit and financing questions and put my 35+ years of mortgage experience and expertise to work on your  behalf.
     I can be found through any of the following:
Direct:   815.524.2280 
Cell/Text:   708.921.6331 
Skype:   630.219.1316 

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