Don't listen to the noise or static around you. Make wise CHOICES based upon the facts contained within YOUR personal mortgage financing scenario ...

Don't listen to the noise or static around you.  
     Make wise CHOICES based upon the facts contained within YOUR personal mortgage financing scenario ...    

     Choices ... They exist in every walk of life.  They come in big and small sizes, with big and small consequences.  And they arrive on your doorstep during almost every second of your day. 

     While Home Buying, you most certainly confront many CHOICES throughout your mortgage financing process.  From beginning to end, you are asked to make decisions.  Choose!  Choose!  Choose!  The mere thought of all those CHOICES needing to be made ... surely seems a bit overwhelming, I'm sure.

     Certainly one of the first choices that needs to be made in a home buying transaction, typically surrounds the choice of  Mortgage Lender.  Often times, your Realtor can and will guide you, providing options and choices of lending professionals for consideration.  Realtors are an excellent source for reliable referrals.  

     Other times, Buyers already have an existing relationship with a bank or  lender ... and seek financing from the institution in which they maintain their savings or checking accounts ... or from which they have borrowed in the past.  All sound, solid reasons on which to base a choice.      Co-Workers, family members, friends, acquaintances will chirp-in with names and referrals.  These too are all great resources for you.  

     Once that important decision is behind you, discussions with your chosen Mortgage Lender begin.  Many more options come up for discussion and consideration.  Here is where guidance from external influences may NOT be helpful.

      Now let me be clear ... I'm not advocating that you, the Buyer, not be informed or educated.  Far from it.  An educated, pro-active, involved Buyer is always preferred ... and my best client to work with.  But it's my opinion that in the current lending environment, the best thing you (or any Borrower) can do, is LISTEN to the guidance you are receiving from me, your Mortgage Lender 

     That's because my main objective, and that of all parties actually taking part within your purchase transaction, must be:
  •      Your successful Closing
  •      Your Closing ON THE DATE enclosed within the Contract
    Outside sources, no matter how well meaning ... expressing opinions, instilling fears, injecting personal and past experiences, working without YOUR personal info and specific financing factors ... do NOT help you (or any other Buyer) during your home buying and mortgage processing. They typically don't help you make timely, sound CHOICES. 

     As Mortgage Lender, I too often find myself having to mentally arm-wrestle "ghosts".  Unseen, good-intentioned "counselors" whispering what are counter-productive insights and direction in my client's ear.  And again, no matter how well-intentioned, these interjections will slow and bog down your process and possibly confuse you.  In today's market, that can be absolutely lethal to a home buying transaction.

     I cannot express strongly enough, that just as YOU, my Borrower, is an unique individual ... so is your mortgage financing experience.  Like fingerprints and snowflakes, no two mortgage transactions are alike.  What happened within a friend's or family member's financing, what happened years ago, or in a prior transaction, will NOT and does NOT pertain to your financing now.  

     The decisions, CHOICES, options, facts, dates, details, information, insights, and requests that are made and take place within YOUR mortgage processing are yours and yours alone.  No one shares them.  You should not compare.  To do so only makes your CHOICES and the decision-making process more confusing and unclear ... and CHOICES much more difficult to make.

     Listening to, asking questions of, and then following the guidance of your  Mortgage Lender  is vitally important to the success of your transaction and Closing.  You have many options to consider and CHOICES ahead as you move through your home buying transaction and mortgage processing.  

     Don't listen to the noise or static around you.  Make wise CHOICES based upon the facts contained within YOUR personal mortgage financing scenario ...

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