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Halloween Safety Tips for
Trick-or-Treaters of All Ages 
and Family Pets

     Halloween is supposed to be lots of fun ... and scarey .... 

     Dressing up in outlandish costumes.  Raking in tons of free candy.  Parties.  Trick- or-Treating with your friends.  What kid wouldn't call that the perfect holiday?

     But the potential for danger can exist on Halloween too.  Extra preparations, planning, and precautions need to be taken to make sure that Halloween is memorable for the right reasons. 

     For both kids and adults ... the selection of a Halloween costume is important.  Whether purchased or homemade, a costume needs to be safe, comfortable, and hazard-proof.   

     While making your costume selection, consider these tips:
  •    Make sure that ALL costumes are made of flame retardant materials.  
  •    When wearing a mask, do not limit or compromise your eyesight in any way.
  •    Pre-Test any Halloween make-up you will be wearing in advance for possible reactions.
  •    Place reflectors, flashing or glowing lights, reflector rapes, etc., on a costume that will be worn at dark.  Or have your child carry a light stick to heighten visibility.
  •    Make sure that a costume fits properly, as to avoid tripping or pieces of clothing (or Props) getting in the way or snagged on objects.
  •    Do NOT let children carry hard plastic items, such as swords, scythes, etc.  Items such as these should be flexible to prevent harm, if fallen on.

     During Trick or Treating ...
  •    Children should be accompanied by an adult.  The larger the group of children, the more adults needed.
  •    Make sure children have "buddies" or Trick-or-Treat in tandem with another.
  •    Plan a safe route and stick to it.  If older children are allowed to go in a group, make sure someone within the group has a cell phone.
  •    Restrict routes to main, well-lit areas.  Tell children NO Alleys.
  •    Stick to Trick-or-Treat hours established for your area ... or curfews.
  •    Instruct your children to not eat any candy until you have inspected it.
  •    Instruct children to NEVER enter a home or a car of a stranger ... or without your permission.
  •    Have "that talk" with your child about destroying property and vandalism and respect for others
  •    Remember to check both ways when crossing a street.  Hold the hands of little ones within the group, to make sure they do not dart into traffic.

     And for Teen Trick-or-Treaters and Adults:
  •    If driving to a party, please drive safely.  Remain extra vigilant and aware. 
  •    Take a cell phone with you.
  •    If driving, make sure you have plenty of gas to get to your destination and back.  Halloween is not the night to run out of gas.
  •    Follow curfews.  Law enforcement is strict surrounding Halloween.
  •    Should plans change, let your parent(s) or another adult know.
  •    Vandalism is wrong, no matter the season or holiday.  Don't get caught-up in the moment and come to regret it.
     And don't forget to protect the safety of your furry family members:
  •    If a Trick-or-Treater, do NOT provoke someone's pet, whether in a doorway or in a yard.
  •    Do not ever feed a pet any candy.  Candy, especially chocolate, can be lethal to an animal.
  •    Halloween can be a day of stress for family pets.  Place them out of danger.   Restrict them to an area where they can find quiet and less-stressful activities.
  •    Should you dress-up your pet, do not restrict their movements or eyesight, impede their breathing, or have anything dangling off them or their costume.
  •    Do not allow your pet near pumpkins, especially if they contain an open flame.
  •    Be mindful of electricity sources or electrical cords.  No chewing!
  •    If your pet is accompanying you while Trick-or-Treating, make sure they have updated tags and ID's on their collar.
  •    Pick-up and dispose of all empty candy wrappers and Trick-or-Treat bags.  Place glow sticks, etc. up and out of reach. They can be hazardous, if ingested.
  •   Be aware of mischievous activities and people during Halloween season.
     Halloween Safety Tips for
Trick-or-Treaters of All Ages 
and Family Pets.  Follow them ... and your Halloween celebrations will be memorable for safe, fun, and tasty reasons!                     

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