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How Buying in a Homeowners Association Can Affect Mortgage Approval and Monthly Payments

 How Buying in a Homeowners Association  Can Affect Mortgage Approval  and Monthly Payments

Homeowners Associations ...and the fees associated with them, come in all sizes, shapes, and forms ...
While many Chicagoland properties are not associated with any Homeowners Association (HOA), many ... especially those built after or during the 1980's ... are likely to lie within a subdivision with an established HOA - Homeowners Association.
These Associations usually provide commonly owned facilities or services for the benefit of ALL property owners within the Development.  
Some examples of amenities and services supported by Homeowners Associations/Fees are: Parks Pools Tennis CourtsMarinasClubhousesRecreational Facilities Signs Lawn Care/Snow RemovalRetention PondsWalking PathsMore ...

The cost of maintaining these facilities is shared among the Association's homeowners.  Homeowners pay fees or dues to cover these costs by monthly, quarterly, or annual payments to the Association.
Mortgage Facts:  What Time is It?
Part 2

The other day, I heard a commercial on a Chicagoland radio station regarding mortgages.  Being a Chicagoland LO,  my ears obviously perked up.

Much of the info I heard,especially about interest rates, was troubling, as the rates quoted within the commercial were out of sync with what I knew were that day's available rates. And it was terribly misleading info for any hopeful Borrowers listening.  

I suspected the commercial I was hearing was at least a few weeks or more old in content.  The rates quoted certainly reflected that as true. 

So what had happened that had caused interest rates to change?

Think about what's been going on over the last week or so.  The many things that have taken place during that time within the U.S. alone.  Then add world events to that.

Surely it had been a very busy week in U.S. and world events, but that's fairly typical. Things don't remain the same or quiet very long these days. 

But all those events and…

Property Addresses: Gettin' Down to the Nitty Gritty

Property Addresses:   Gettin' Down to the Nitty Gritty

Take just a second and read through the following statements ...

“The devil is in the details” 
... "in life, it is often the tiny details that end up 
being the most important"

"Get Down To The Nitty Gritty"

“Little details have special talents in 
creating big problems!” 

“Sweat the details”

"Success is the sum of details"

Details ...Details ... it's all about the details ...
     And I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a nerd about them.  My whole family is.  Details, the intricacies, the little things ... they matter to us.
When I was growing up, a typical conversation (and argument) between my brothers and myself at the dinner table or in the backyard centered around "details".  It didn't matter what the topic was, it was the minor differences ... the details about the topic ... that we argued about.  I'm sure we drove our parents crazy.  
Sports statistics and games ... minutiae rega…