How Buying in a Homeowners Association Can Affect Mortgage Approval and Monthly Payments

 How Buying in a Homeowners Association 
Can Affect Mortgage Approval 
and Monthly Payments

     Homeowners Associations ... and the fees associated with them, come in all sizes, shapes, and forms ...

     While many Chicagoland properties are not associated with any Homeowners Association (HOA), many ... especially those built after or during the 1980's ... are likely to lie within a subdivision with an established HOA - Homeowners Association.

     These Associations usually provide commonly owned facilities or services for the benefit of ALL property owners within the Development.  

     Some examples of amenities and services supported by Homeowners Associations/Fees are:
  • Parks 
  • Pools 
  • Tennis Courts
  • Marinas
  • Clubhouses
  • Recreational Facilities 
  • Signs 
  • Lawn Care/Snow Removal
  • Retention Ponds
  • Walking Paths
  •  More ...

     The cost of maintaining these facilities is shared among the Association's homeowners.  Homeowners pay fees or dues to cover these costs by monthly, quarterly, or annual payments to the Association.

     Whatever the frequency of payments made to the Association ... when it comes time to seek financing to buy (or Refinance) within an HOA, a monthly cost is calculated for Mortgage Qualifying Purposes.  In the case of Chicagoland Condominium or Townhouse Associations, the dues are typically paid monthly.  Potential homebuyers should be aware, some HOA fees/dues can be fairly substantial.

     It only stands to reason then:  Mortgage Lenders must factor Association dues into a decision to Approve or Deny a mortgage ... even though Association Dues are paid separately from your Mortgage Payment.  

     Many potential mortgage clients are unaware or caught off-guard regarding this fact ...  

     Homeowner Association dues/fees are treated by Mortgage Underwriters just like Real Estate Taxes, Homeowners Insurance, or Private Mortgage Insurance are.  Each of these various sectors of owning property, is counted as a housing expense when Approval for Mortgage financing is sought.

     To showcase how this can affect a Mortgage Approval and monthly Mortgage Payments, consider the following comparison between a purchase of two (2) similar properties.  One home lies within an HOA, the other does not ...
     Borrower #1:  Buys a home with the same Sales Price as Borrower #2, but ... the property Borrower #1 purchases is NOT located within a Homeowners Association and has NO Association Fees.  

     As a result:  Borrower #1 will have a monthly housing payment lower than Borrower #2 because they will not be paying a monthly HOA fee.

     Borrower #2:  Because of the Homeowners Association associated with the property they hope to buy ... and the fees they will need to be pay, Borrower #2 must:
  • Have a higher monthly income to qualify for the payment that includes the HOA fee
     OR Consider other options:
  • Consider lower-priced homes in order to be able to qualify for a Mortgage/Monthly Payment that includes an HOA fee    
  • Consider same-priced properties that do not lie within an HOA or are unaffected by HOA fees/dues

    When a home being considered for purchase lies within a Homeowners Association, it can affect more than the periodic HOA fees/payments you must make.  It can also determine whether you can financially qualify to purchase the home.  

     Good communication and ongoing dialogue between all parties ... Borrower (Buyer), Agents, and Mortgage Originator, etc., is vitally important during any property search.  

      Each helps you secure the information and guidance needed to make sound decisions regarding differing properties and financing, especially when Homeowners Association and accompanying dues come into play.  

     Thoroughly discussing the options you have (both financially and property) with your mortgage and real estate professionals prior to viewing homes will make for a much more fluid, less stressful home buying experience. 

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