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Is it the Right Time for You to Sell Your Present Home and Buy the Next?

Is it the Right Time for You to Sell Your  Present Home and Buy the Next?

The final decision to Refinance your existing Mortgage (or not), should be based on one simple thing ...  

It must make good smart financial sense ...  

That decision is often times determined by the length of time you, as a Homeowner, "guesstimates" you'll own your loan (i.e., stay in your present home).  

A good rule-of-thumb is:  The monthly payment savings received through the Refinancing (at minimum), should "pay back" your Closing Costs for your Refinance.  

Similar (and additional) considerations need to be made by those Homeowners hoping to upgrade or "step-up" to a bigger and better home and becoming Home BUYERS again.  

For those in this situation, it's important to remember:  ALL transactions are not created equal.

In most transactions, Home Buyers pay a "fixed" amount of Closing Costs.  "Variables" that affect that amount could be (but not limited to)…

In Today's Real Estate Appraisals: Information is King, Data is Available

In Today's Real Estate Appraisals: Information is King, Data is Available

     In this automated day and age, a huge amount of real estate sales data is readily available to professionals ...  

     With a few clicks and the entry of a few parameters, a
Real Estate Appraiser can create an instantaneous list of data for their viewing and use.  Appraisers can realistically and confidently expect that they have a reliable process of finding the most recent, most proximate, most similar property types, featuring the most similar functionality and amenities for their Appraisal Reports at their disposal.  

     In addition, most Assessors post property records online to capture more reliable data on square footage of living area.  Not that pictures tell every story perfectly, but many times the Appraiser has access to interior photos of sales and listings, to get a better "feel" for a property's condition.  

    Add to that, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have come up with specific…

Calls from Unknown Cell Phone Numbers: Proceed with Caution!

Calls from Unknown Cell Phone Numbers: Proceed with Caution!
     Being in the real estate or mortgage business, it's not unusual to receive a phone call from unknown numbers.  Even numbers from other area codes, states, or countries.  

     This is especially true should you advertise or market yourself online.  It increases the likelihood of new clients coming from other locales.  Exactly what we're hoping for, right??

     But as businesspersons, we must be careful.  Phone scams are perpetrated via unknown numbers ... and those scams are reported to be on the rise again.  I read an article just this last week regarding the "one ring" cell phone scam, but many other cell/SmartPhone scams exist too. 

     My wife has received 2 cell phone calls from unknown numbers in just the last few days.  The calls were from differing numbers and area codes, but both had the exact same recorded message.  

     The recording was supposedly from "Account Services" and she was …

St. Jude Catholic Church, New Lenox, IL - Parish Mission Team Recycling Fundraiser

St. Jude Catholic Church, New Lenox, IL   Parish Mission Team Recycling Fundraiser 

St. Jude Catholic Church in New Lenox, IL  is presently taking part in a recycling fundraiser that will help members raise money for mission trip expenses planned during the Spring and Summer of 2014.  Mission Members will be serving to help in a variety of locations, including Kentucky, southern Illinois, and Minnesota.  

     St. Jude's Parish Mission Team members are asking for New Lenox area residents and businesses to help them in their effort and to assist them in their goals.

The Mission Team is asking that the following items be donated:

Empty Inkjet CartridgesCell PhonesLaptopsMP3 PlayersGPS UnitsToner CartridgesDigital CamerasMore  (For a complete list of recyclable items, click HERE)
Donations can be dropped-off at the following location:

American Portfolio Mortgage 318 Alana Drive, New Lenox, IL (815.524.2280)
     You can also Register as a St. Jude Church "Group Supporter" on the web…