5 Indicators Point to the Wisdom of Home Buying "Sooner than Later"

5 Indicators Point to the Wisdom of Home Buying
"Sooner than Later"

     Today's news looks something like this ...



Mortgage Rates Convincingly Higher,  Momentum Shifts


     Those headlines come fast on the heels of Interest Rates recently having taken a slight downward track over the last week or so.  Moving forward, the consensus of experts seems to be (along with these articles) that Rates will move generally upward during the year (2014). 

      Often it's hard to predict with real accuracy where Interest Rates are headed, especially in these quickly changing times.  Interest Rates, much like gas and oil prices, are like yo yos and rise and fall in tandem with the Financial Markets.  The Financial Markets rise and fall upon the events occurring around the world.  Who can predict those?  

     Here's a good everyday example of what I'm saying:  Ever go to the store and see the gas price at one level only to come back from the store just minutes later to see it higher?  Things can change in a blink of an eye.
     So if you're a hopeful Home Buyer, how are you possibly to know when it's the best time for you to hop on the "Home Buying Train"?

     A few indicators would point to the wisdom of buying a home "sooner than later":  
  • 1st Indicator:  The majority of predictions typically point to Interest Rates rising as the year progresses.   Higher Interest Rates = Higher Monthly Mortgage Payments
  • 2nd Indicator:  The prices of homes in many housing markets is on an upward swing.  Higher House Prices = a need for a larger Down Payment and Higher Monthly Mortgage Payments
  • 3rd Indicator:  Recent changes have taken place in the Mortgage Industry, most notably the Qualified Mortgage Rules.  Those entering Home Buying can do so more certain that they will be able to make their payments in the future.
  • 4th Indicator:  Landlords all across the nation are raising rents.  Higher Rental Costs = Less Money Saved.  The old question remains ... why pay someone else's Mortgage or help them build equity?
  •  5th Indicator:  A slightly improved Economy, rising home prices, and fewer delinquencies have eased the stress on Lenders. The result may be more Mortgage Lenders willing to make Mortgages, ultimately making it a bit easier for Home Buyers to finance. 

     At minimum, these indicators should serve as your motivation to inquire as to the options and possibilities that exist for you in financing a home purchase.  It costs you ZIPPO ... nothing ... to obtain the information and answers you need to make your decision.  

     Should you want to buy a home, there is never a better time than NOW to ask those questions.  For FREE, you'll find out one of two things ...
  • You CAN buy ... and you get started towards fulfilling your Home Buying dream
  • You cannot buy ... and you get started towards building your Credit, repairing and polishing your Credit, or saving for a Down Payment ... by following the advice of your Mortgage Lender.  

     Again, it's FREE to find out, so why not ask?  Either answer gains you valuable info and knowledge.  And either answer moves you in a positive direction and closer to what you ultimately want and hope for.

    5 Indicators Point to the Wisdom of Home Buying "Sooner than Later".  In the Chicagoland area, contact me today ...      

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