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Trifecta of Home Buying Motivators: Rising Home Prices, Rising Rents, Rising Interest Rates

Trifecta of Home Buying Motivators:  Rising Home Prices, Rising Rents,  Rising Interest Rates

     Knowing WHY my clients want to buy a home is important to me as their Lender ... 

I try to engage them in a conversation about themselves.  Ask them questions.  Find out what's inspiring them to buy or refinance a home.  

 I want to know what hopes and plans they have regarding a purchase prior to delving into the financial aspects of their transaction with them.  I gain valuable insights and direction from our conversation.

    But accomplishing this can be harder than you might think.  Most people have a long list of questions they're in a hurry to ask. Gain answers to.  And that's understandable ...

But when we do have that conversation, a majority often speak of 1 of 3 major reasons as those things that motivated them to contact me.  

What are the motivators I hear most often?

1.They're fearful of being kept out of the housing market by rising home prices.  

       This is a co…

It's Important to Flex Your Muscles As a Mortgage Borrower

It's Important to Flex Your Muscles  As a Mortgage Borrower

     It's fairly common to see and hear advice provided about the importance of comparing Mortgage Lenders when looking to finance a home purchase or refinance.  Advice is also commonly given to conduct comparison shopping when it comes to Interest Rates too.

     But it's important for Borrowers to know:  They can "shop"other Fees charged within the financing of their home loan as well ...

Here in Illinois:  The newly introduced "Loan Estimate" document clearly illustrates which Services/Fees applicants can and cannot shop for when financing a home.  Mortgage Lenders are obligated to provide this information to their Borrowers.

So which Services fall under each category?

Services that CAN be shopped:

Settlement FeeLender's Title Insurance -  TitleAttorney's FeeEndorsements & Misc. - TitleDoc Fee - TitleRecording Services - TitleWire Transfer - TitleClosing Protection Letter - Title

5 Tips for a Perfect Thanksgiving


The winter holidays are upon us once again, as Thanksgiving ... typically the "kick-off" holiday ... is only 1 week away.  
Time certainly flies ... even if turkeys can't!
Life gets busy for us all around this time of year. Who can't use some tips and a helping-hand to carve-out some extra time?  Time that can be spent in more productive and fun ways.
So I've included 5 articles (plus a recipe and a little bit of fun) below that I hope will help you accomplish just that.  Hope you enjoy each one.
Feel free to pass them on to your friends and loved ones for their reading and enjoyment too.



Google Maps releases tips for  beating Thanksgiving traffic ...
Sometimes, getting to that Thanksgiving feast requires a full helping of holiday traffic.
To better help navigate the hordes of cars on the road next week, Google released Google Maps traffic information.  (MORE...)

6 Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks ...
Meals …

Interest Rates Rumored to Rise Soon. What To Do to Save Yourself Money NOW

Interest Rates Rumored to Rise Soon.  What To Do to Save Yourself Money NOW

     While many Economists, Banks, and Lenders are now assuming (and reporting) that there will be a rise in interest rates in the near future, that assumption is at best, an educated guess ...  

     A rise in interest rates has been predicted for quite a while now.  Yet, it's not happened to this point (at least from the standpoint of the Federal Reserve Bank)...

     That fact could be viewed as somewhat of a financial "gift" ... as lower rates have allowed many to get more financially "fit" or position themselves more favorably for their future.

How was that possible?

And ...

How can the remaining time prior to the predicted raising of rates play to your advantage financially?

Low interest rates over the last couple of years have helped many become first-time home buyers.  Higher interest rates ... paired with less beneficial down payment programs/options ... could have prevented many of t…