5 Tips for a Perfect Thanksgiving


The winter holidays are upon us once again, as Thanksgiving ... typically the "kick-off" holiday ... is only 1 week away.  

Time certainly flies ... even if turkeys can't!

Life gets busy for us all around this time of year. Who can't use some tips and a helping-hand to carve-out some extra time?  Time that can be spent in more productive and fun ways.

So I've included 5 articles (plus a recipe and a little bit of fun) below that I hope will help you accomplish just that.  Hope you enjoy each one.

Feel free to pass them on to your friends and loved ones for their reading and enjoyment too.



Google Maps releases tips for 
beating Thanksgiving traffic ...

Sometimes, getting to that Thanksgiving feast requires a full helping of holiday traffic.

To better help navigate the hordes of cars on the road next week, Google released Google Maps traffic information.  (MORE...)

6 Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks ...

Meals to whip up before the big day!

To make sure you get to enjoy time with your loved ones, we suggest beginning the cooking process before the big day. 

No matter what version you're making of Thanksgiving classics like turkey, stuffing, gravy, and more (May we recommend these great recipes from Rach?), these tips and tricks will cut down on time spent in the kitchen and increase the time you spend enjoying the most delicious holiday of the year instead.  (MORE...)

Thanksgiving Word Find ... have fun!

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Pets ...

This special holiday does bring some specific dangers for pets, so pet parents may want to take a few extra precautions. 

Read on for some great tips on keeping your pet safe on Thanksgiving ... (MORE...)

Pumpkin Lush Bars ...

These Pumpkin Lush Bars will make for a delicious fall layered dessert. 

You will find layers of cream cheese filling, pumpkin pudding,  and whipped topping, all on top of a yummy shortbread crust. Perfect for Thanksgiving dessert.

For the recipe, click on the pic to the right!  ~~~~~>

Thanksgiving: How To Avert Turkey Day Disaster (Or Roll With It), Thanks To Sam Sifton ...

Why is Thanksgiving so stressful? If you're the host, it may be the sheer number of things you have to do between now and Thursday. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the holiday, Sifton's advice is to do that thing that's hardest when you're freaking out: let go ... (MORE...)

I send my Gratitude and Best Wishes 
to you for a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

Know that our association 
means everything to me!

Gene Mundt

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