Interest Rates Rumored to Rise Soon. What To Do to Save Yourself Money NOW

Interest Rates Rumored to Rise Soon. 
What To Do to Save Yourself Money NOW

     While many Economists, Banks, and Lenders are now assuming (and reporting) that there will be a rise in interest rates in the near future, that assumption is at best, an educated guess ...  

     A rise in interest rates has been predicted for quite a while now.  Yet, it's not happened to this point (at least from the standpoint of the Federal Reserve Bank)...

     That fact could be viewed as somewhat of a financial "gift" ... as lower rates have allowed many to get more financially "fit" or position themselves more favorably for their future.

     How was that possible?  

     And ...

     How can the remaining time prior to the predicted raising of rates play to your advantage financially?   

     Low interest rates over the last couple of years have helped many become first-time home buyers.  Higher interest rates ... paired with less beneficial down payment programs/options ... could have prevented many of those purchases.

     Lower interest rates also benefited home owners that chose to refinance and remain in their current homes.  Lower interest rates equate to real financial savings realized on mortgage payments each month.  

     Savings that can be better directed and utilized elsewhere by consumers ...

          Examples of where those savings can make a real difference:

  • Building Savings and Retirement Accounts
  • Equity-building Home Improvement projects
  • Paying-down or paying-off higher interest rate Credit Cards, Student Loans, or debt. 

     If you're thinking of:  

  • Buying a home 
  • Refinancing 
  • Performing Home Improvements
  • Re-negotiating lower interest rates on credit cards
  • Buying a car
  • Buying a 2nd home 
  • Purchasing a real estate investment property
  • More ...
     ... now is the time for you to take action.  

     Now, prior to any possible upcoming interest rate hike.  As those higher interest rates will weaken your financial muscle, weaken your buying power, and lessen any savings potential.

     The first important step you should take is that of fact-finding.  Contact me to discover what financial options you have at your disposal.  What financial steps make the most sense for you ... and will have the most impact. 

     Ask questions and get the answers you need to move yourself financially forward in a more positive direction soon.  I look forward to assisting you ...

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