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Take Advantage of the FREE Safe Ride Home Program in New Lenox, Tinley Park, Mokena, Palos Heights or Orland Park, IL on New Year's Eve 2014!

Take Advantage of the FREE Safe Ride Home Program in New Lenox, Tinley Park, 
Mokena, Palos Heights or Orland Park, IL 
on New Year's Eve 2014!
     Do you live (or hope to celebrate) New Years Eve 2014 within the Villages of:
New Lenox, ILTinley Park, ILMokena, ILPalos Heights, ILOrland Park, IL
     If so, and those celebrations include alcoholic beverages ... please consider taking advantage of the FREESafe Ride Home Program.  

     The FREESafe Ride Home Program, funded by the participating municipalities above and the Michael P. Gordon Foundation, will be offering FREE rides home from business establishments located within the participating Villages between the hours of 11 p.m. on Tuesday evening, December 31st and 4 a.m. on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014.

     Residents of the Villages named above can also contact Stretch Limousine at the toll free number: 844.230.1637 ahead of time to arrange for their FREE ride home on New Year's Eve 2014 during the hours above.    
     Take A…

Sending Holiday Wishes To You and Yours!

Sending Holiday Wishes To You and Yours!

The Mundt family has been celebrating Christmas and the Holidays early this year.  
     Our family is growing once again. We're eagerly awaiting the birth of another grandbaby any day now.  Celebrations and get-togethers were bumped-up to accommodate our greatly-anticipated new arrival ... and one very tired expectant mommy.
     I know that my family and I are not alone in our busy schedules, our joys, and many celebrations ... so I'm  sending my holiday message and a small "gift" a bit early.  
     Below you will find a music video.  I think it provides testament to what beauty we humans can accomplish and share when we join together.  I share it with you now ...      

      May you be surrounded by those people that you care most about during your special festivities, no matter what day and in what manner you celebrate.  And that you find Peace, Joy, Good Health, Prosperity, Family, Friends, and Love in huge measure throu…

When a "NO" Doesn't Mean "NO" ... or at Least Not Forever

When "NO" Doesn't Mean "NO" ...  or at Least Not Forever
Do I have you thoroughly confused with my title?  If so, let me explain ...
     So many of my potential Mortgage Applicants mention thestatistics reported regarding their chances of successfully obtaining financing for a home purchase.  Add what's heard regarding today's actual Mortgage process (which is portrayed as pretty bad too) ... and I can find myself in front of some pretty scared people.  Especially true, if they're First-Time Home Buyers.

     It's hard to deny that the current process for obtaining Mortgage financing can be challenging.  I've addressed this fact many times in prior posts.  In those post I've firmly stated what I also believe to be a fact ... that WHO you choose to work with while pursuing your financing makes a world of difference in the outcome you find.  
Simply: If you, as a hopeful Home Buyer don't take the time to do your homework ... or make the ef…

Construction Terms & Definitions You Need to Know While Building a Home in Will County & Chicagoland

Construction Terms & Definitions You Need to Know While Building a Home in Will County & Chicagoland   

I've written regarding new home construction in the Chicagoland and Will County area before ...    

Within my post I provided a "blueprint" of sorts for the pursuit of New Construction Mortgage financing and what is vitally important should you hope to find success in securing a Construction Loan.  

     You see, Construction financing is a process ... one that takes place in an ongoing fashion throughout the planning, building, and ultimately ... at the completion of your home.  Given that fact, it's wise to be fully educated and familiar with the language and construction terms heard through the financing and building processes.  

Now is the perfect time to kick-start that education and to get your new Construction questions answered.  For financing information, contact me.  

To help you during the planning and construction of your home, I went in search of glos…

Food Pantry Programs and Assistance in Village of New Lenox & New Lenox Township, IL

Food Pantry Programs and Assistance in  Village of New Lenox & New Lenox Township, IL

     It would never be easy to struggle or know that you might have a hard time putting food on your family's table.  But during the winter Holidays, that struggle seems especially cruel. 

          In the Village of New Lenox and the surrounding New Lenox Township area, residents can find multiple resources that will aid them in their struggle ... via timely assistance and food supplies.  

     The New Lenox Township, in accordance with State of Illinois guidelines, assists its qualified residents with food staples and supplies.  It also provides help during emergency situations.

New Lenox Township Food Pantry hours are:
Monday through Friday:  8 am to 4 pm Township Pantry Location: 1100 So. Cedar Rd., New Lenox, IL No Appointment Necessary Proof of Residency is required For Info:  815.485.6431 or to Email:
     Township residents can receive one bag of groceries per week of…