"Gift" Clients: A HUGE Deal and Opportunity During the Holidays & Year 'Round

"Gift" Clients: 
A HUGE Deal and Opportunity During 
the Holidays & Year 'Round

     This post was inspired by the recent Featured post written by Anna "Banana" Kruchten, Phoenix Property Shoppe, Phoenix, AZ.

http://www.genemundt.com     Anna wrote of meeting and working with a very young first-time homebuying couple years ago when she was a newer agent.  This couple had a very small budget, paired with a great need and lots of enthusiasm ... something that served them well while searching for their first home.  It led them to Anna, an agent that obviously contained a huge heart and willingness to tackle a tough, uphill project.

     Now maybe I'm in the Holiday mood.  But Anna's story, and its outcome, really resonated with me.  

     After 3 decades in this business, I've come to think that we real estate and mortgage professionals are lucky enough just once-in-a-while to meet, and have the chance to work with, clients that really teach us something.  They "educate" us ... and help us to grow as professionals ... and as humans. 

     Yes, it's true we do get paid to assist and guide our clients.  But I'd argue, that during these special instances we're lucky enough to get "paid" in additional ways too.  Ways that ultimately mean more to our futures than the initial monetary payments received for any transaction.

     When you read Anna's post, you see how her young couple
actually provided a wonderful educational opportunity for her.  They captivated and infected her with their enthusiasm.  That enthusiasm in turn motivated her ... made her more determined.  She stretched herself as a professional and as a person.  As a result, she became totally immersed and invested in not only their success ... but their happiness too.

     Anna related in her post that along the course of her transaction, she came to learn many new things.  Certainly about real estate itself.  And definitely about where her business could be found, both in the short term and long.  She also became more aware of the depth of her dedication to her clients and her willingness and ability to fulfill their needs. 

     But probably most importantly, Anna discovered that appearances mean little ... and that opportunities are delivered to us as professionals in all shapes and sizes of packages.  And that those opportunities are truly gifts.  Gifts that we can leave opened ... or unopened.

     As a professional, I think that's worth knowing or being reminded about.  Thank you, Anna ...

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