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Tackle Home Buying .. Deflate Your Monthly Payment .. During the Super Bowl

Tackle Home Buying ..  Deflate Your Monthly Payment ..  During the Super Bowl

What are you doing this Sunday?

     If you're like millions of other Americans, you've got Super
Bowl plans.  The projected number of viewers for this year's Bowl is 184 MILLION, to be exact. 

    Many are hosting get-togethers and entertaining prior to the Bowl, during the game itself, and after. There are also office pools, pools held at restaurants and taverns, pools sponsored by charities, organizations, and websites, and pools held between friends too.  

     "Squares" get purchased.  Even by those that aren't football fans any other day of the year.  All the great food, camaraderie, and entertainment builds anticipation and guarantees that the Super Bowl will be exciting and fun. 

     But I've got a suggestionthat can make your day even better ...

If presently a homeowner or hoping to buy a home soon ...add 1 more activity to your Super Bowl celebration.It'll make you a winn…

Mortgage, Real Estate, & Credit News for the Pros! - Gene Mundt, Mortgage Lender, 1/17/2015


     There are a number of changes occurring as of today's date, January 26th, 2015. Fannie Mae's AppraisalReview changes take place on this date ... as well as FHA's reduction in mortgage insurance costs . (Click on the highlights for more detailed information.

     The latter will hopefully prove beneficial in kickstarting our Chicagoland real estate market and helpful in aiding potential homebuyers in their home purchases immediately and into Spring. Time will tell if the additional layer of scrutiny given to appraisals proves to be an issue. 

     Interest Rates have remained low after suffering a few hiccups earlier this month. Who could have ever predicted we'd still be seeing these present lows? Home buyers that take action to buy now will definitely benefit via the cost savings realized over the life of their loan. A great sales point!

     If you have clients sitting on the fence, have them contact me. Many times hearing and seeing actual numbers conv…