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     There are a number of changes occurring as of today's date, January 26th, 2015. Fannie Mae's AppraisalReview changes take place on this date ... as well as FHA's reduction in mortgage insurance costs . (Click on the highlights for more detailed information.

     The latter will hopefully prove beneficial in kickstarting our Chicagoland real estate market and helpful in aiding potential homebuyers in their home purchases immediately and into Spring. Time will tell if the additional layer of scrutiny given to appraisals proves to be an issue. 

     Interest Rates have remained low after suffering a few hiccups earlier this month. Who could have ever predicted we'd still be seeing these present lows? Home buyers that take action to buy now will definitely benefit via the cost savings realized over the life of their loan. A great sales point!

     If you have clients sitting on the fence, have them contact me. Many times hearing and seeing actual numbers convinces them it's time to buy like nothing else can. 

     Let's make the week successful and prosperous. Give me a shout if you have questions or have clients in need of mortgage service. I'll be glad to hear from you ... 


7 Deal­ Saving Gadgets for Agents on the Go ... 

There’s a long list of things that can kill or delay any part of a real estate transaction. Clients understand when factors, like the weather, delay a deal. 

But, for everything else they want you to have a solution. That includes having the tech you need to do business from anywhere. When it comes to real estate tech, portability is king. 

Here’s a list of smart spends from the cutting edge for 2013 that will help you ensure technology never stands between you and closing a deal. (MORE ...)

     4 MORE Reasons to Google Your Address ... 

     Whether to buff a home's online profile or to unearth niceties — and negatives — about a prospective home, search ­engine sleuthing is worth the effort. (MORE ...) 

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Picking Your Social­ Media Profile ...  

     Profile avatars grace the profiles and pages of countless social media networks and are constantly interpreted by others ­ whether we want it or not. According to Psychology Today, minimalistic changes in headshots of the same person, such as the direction of the eyes, alters the first impression as much as the looking at photos of different people. 

     Being aware of what is perceived positively on social media is key to a successful personal brand. Here are five ways your social media profile avatars might be holding you back and what to do about it. (MORE ...) 

     Here's some information that might help your Buyers (and Sellers)! This can be especially helpful for First­-Time Homebuyers unfamiliar with the current Mortgage lingo and acronyms. 

     This glossary list of acronyms has easy to understand definitions and is printable to boot. (Should your clients need a more encompassing mortgage glossary, refer them to my website's.

Decoding Mortgage Acronyms ... Click HERE! 

     And ... 

     All work, no play makes for a dull industry and long, long days.  Take a peek at the following sites and have some fun with them. 

     Enjoy ...

S’mores Fudge Recipe: 

Terrible Real Estate/MLS Photos: 
You won't believe your eyes!  

     As always, your Referrals are always greatly appreciated! 

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