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What You Need to Know About Wire Fraud Prior to Applying For a Mortgage

What You Need to Know About Wire Fraud Prior to Applying For a Mortgage

An increased focus is being given to the topic of wire fraud these days ...

Rightfully so, as the number of stories of attempted and successful wire fraud and scams is on the rise.  On ActiveRain, a social media and blogging community of real estate-related professionals I belong to, there have been multiple blogs written and discussions held on this timely topic.  

It's good that ActiveRain members (and others) are shedding light on this matter.  The sharing of information and warnings, amongst professionals and the public, serves to educate and alert as to the dangers of the scams ... and how to avoid them.

The education and attention are gravely needed.  Consider the following staggering statistics I discovered while gathering info for this article:

The FBI reported that during 2015 over $179 million had been stolen in fraudulent attacks over a 14-month period of time in the U.S.The Hill recently featured an arti…
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Want the Best Mortgage Available? "Stage" Yourself and Your Finances

Want the Best Mortgage Available? "Stage" Yourself and Your Finances 

Analogies are a tool I often use with my mortgage clients, as the comparisons and similarities showcased within my analogies deliver a bite-sized, more easily understood and digested method for my explanations ...  

When utilized, analogies can produce an "ah hah" moment, sometimes with an understanding and reaction so immediate and startling that I virtually see it taking place on my client's face.  It's as though a switch "clicked" and clarity and understanding began to flow.

As of late, I've really begun to note some strong similarities between the benefits and services produced by home staging and those realized by Borrowers when they seek mortgage consultation and advice prior to entrance into their mortgage process.  I'm hoping that this analogy makes sense and produces that "ah hah" moment for those hoping to seek a mortgage in the future.

Let me explain ...


Game Plans & Options, Part 2: Determining the "Best" Loan Type for You

Game Plans & Options, Part #2:
Determining the "Best" Loan Type for You

In Part 1 of this post, I likened my role as a Mortgage Originator to that of a coach on a sports team ...

The goals are surely similar.  And some of the skills, responsibilities and aptitude demanded of each, including the ability to conduct a deep analyzation of their "team" abilities, talents, and options, are much the same.  

At initial contact, many of my Borrowers, especially those that are First-Time Home Buyers, have a preconceived notion about the type of loan they're seeking.  This is usually a result of their having performed an internet search ... or friends and family members have shared their financing experiences with them.  

While both can prove insightful, it can also lead to my clients having a pretty narrow or myopic focus during the early stages of their mortgage search.  When that occurs, I remind them that an open mind and willingness to consider all mortgage options (e…

Game Plans and Options: Mortgage Transactions Need Them Too

Game Plans and Options:  Mortgage Transactions Need Them Too

If you watch sports much (andadmittedly, I do), you've probably seen clipboards and playbooks in the hands of coaches on the sidelines. Those clipboards and playbooks hold the "game plan" for their team and their path to (hopefully) victory ...

What we don't hear or see much about are all the things done leading up to that big game.  The hours spent in team meetings ... planning sessions, film-watching, practice.  
By the time the actual game is played, the players have seen, heard, and practiced the game's designated game plan and plays  repeatedly.  The idea being that their actions and reactions become natural, automatic, rote.  (Vince Lombardi was legendary for his meetings, film-watching, and practice sessions.  Enjoy the clip!)

But even with all the pre-planning, preparation, and practice, it's not uncommon for coaches to introduce new plans and last-minute changes to players during crucial or clos…