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Rent VS Buy: Finding the RIGHT Answer

Rent VS Buy:  Finding the RIGHT Answer

Rent VS Buy ... which is better?

Seems everyone has an opinion on this debate.  Pro and Con.
But truth is, no one but the person(s) considering this question has the "right" answer.  Or at least what's the "right" answer for them.

It's also true:  Facts, emotion, and gut feeling weigh into the making of the decision reached.  Or not so final ... as timing factors into this decision-making too.  The "right" answer can often be just a temporary one.

So, with all the factors mentioned above playing into the decision-making process, just where and how do you start it?  

The right answer to that question is:  You should start by doing some simple homework.

To make that easier to do, I've provided some handy tools for you on my website. Just click HERE to find a host of calculators that will help during the early stages of your decision-making process.

After gathering some info ... and when you decide to move to the nex…
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Financing a Chicagoland Home "Flip"

Financing a Chicagoland Home "Flip"

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While entertaining to watch, the rise in popularity of these shows really showcases American's ongoing fascination with home and real estate.  It's also is an indicator of the return of a healthier U.S. housing market.  

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There are a variety of factors at play explaining this growing interest in new construction.  The fore-mentioned supply shortage is just one.  Certainly, the condition, location, and features found within many of the existing homes found on the market are also contributing to their sale numbers falling short of expectations and hopes.  

The "new car smell" or prospect of being able to personalize and semi-customize a home is moving many prospective home buyers to consider new construction as an option too.  Who wouldn't consider this option an exciting one?

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