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2015 Chicagoland Adults Only Easter Egg Hunts

2015 Chicagoland Adults Only Easter Egg Hunts

     Are you just a big grown-up kid?  One that LOVES Easter Peeps, gooey chocolate bunnies, and colorful jelly beans?

     Do you miss the excitement and craziness of the egg hunts you used to enjoy as a kid?

I've got great news for you!

The Chicagoland area has multiple opportunities for you to dash about at breakneck speed hunting for candy-filled eggs and prizes.  Below you'll find a menu of this year's venues, businesses, and municipalities offering Adults-Only Egg Hunts.

     So break out those tennies, flashlights, and Easter baskets and head to these Hunts ready to revisit your childhood: 

*5th Annual Adult Easter Egg Hunt - Logan Square
         Sponsored by: Land & Sea Dept. and Longman & Eagle
Sunday, April 5, 2015
         10:30 a.m. Start
         Hunt begins at 12 Noon and runs to 2 p.m.  
2657 N. Kedzie Ave, Chicago
Deejays, 6,000+ eggs, and more! 
For more info, click HERE!

     *  Adult Flashlight Egg Hunt

2015 - Egg Hunts for Hounds in Will County, IL

2015 - Egg Hunts for Hounds  in Will County, IL

     The Easter Bunny is going to be one busy little fellow in Will County, IL this year ... and NOT just for humans!

     2015 Easter Bunny activities include Egg Hunts and fun for your doggie family members to enjoy.  Multiple canine events are being held across Will County.

    Check each event's informational link out prior to attending for specific details regarding time, weather, attendance, and more.  Most venues ask you bring a camera and leash.  Adult dog-owners must accompany their pet during the festivities.

2015 Egg Hunts for hounds are taking place in Will County, IL at:

Channahon:  Dog Gone Easter EggHunt    Saturday, March 28th Community Park                                                                           9:45 am                                                                                           1 dog per person - dog must be leashed                                     Plastic eggs are stuffed with treats

THEE Rule of Thumb Regarding Your Chicagoland Mortgage Approval, Application, & Processing

THEE Rule of Thumb Regarding 
Your Chicagoland Mortgage Approval,  Application, & Processing     

Read many articles about Mortgages ... or the Mortgage Process ... and you're sure to come across more than a few that deal with "Do's and Don'ts".  Both while leading up to Mortgage Application and while in the processing of that Mortgage ...

I've addressed this topic in a post multiple times too.  Even going so far as to make a "10 Commandments" list on this topic.  

Commandments?  Yep!  It's THAT important.

These "commandments" are highlighted in all my conversations with potential borrowers and with those that have already made Mortgage Application.  Yet?  

     You guessed it.  A current client of mine just did one of those things they shouldn't do.  They broke Commandment #8 & Commandment #10 ... 

#  8: "Thou shall not change bank accounts or move monies between bank accounts".#10:  "Thou SHALL contact your Mortgag…