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Declare Yourself a Great 4th!

Our country will be celebrating its independence over the upcoming weekend. Monday is the 4th of July!
Where will you enjoy fireworks?  If in the Will County area, I hope you'll consider viewing from one of the county's many communities hosting this year.  Click HERE to view a list of options available to you.
If you're enjoying a 4th get-together:  My wife has been pouring through magazines/internet to find some fun foods and ideas to add to our family's celebration. I thought I'd share some of the great ideas she's found.  Ideas and links are included below.  
Fireworks of a different nature:  Last week's BREXIT vote.  As I write this, interest rates have adjusted downward as a result of its outcome.
If you've been thinking of Refinancing .. or selling and buying again ... now is a good time to investigate your options and to see if you could save some money. Reach out to me if I can answer any questions or be of service.  
And Remember: Practice fi…

2016 Will County 4th of July Celebrations & Fireworks

2016 Will County 4th of July  Celebrations & Fireworks

     The skies across Will County will be lit-up with fireworks, the streets will be filled with marching bands and floats, and exciting celebrations of all kinds will be taking place during the upcoming 4th of July weekend ...

There's a huge assortment of ways to celebrate our nation's independence throughout our County.  Below you'll find a list of the many celebrations taking place in towns across Will County, IL.  
Take this opportunity along with family and friends to celebrate our freedom, our Country's rich history, its people, and many wonderful accomplishments ...
2016 Will County 4th of July  Celebrations & Fireworks

Beecher Fireworks Date:  July 4th Start:  9:30 pm Firemen's Park 673 Penfield Street, Beecher
Bolingbrook's 4th of July Fireworks Date: July 4th   Start:  9:15 pm Where:Bolingbrook Golf Club 2001 Rodeo Drive, Bolingbrook

Braidwood Summerfest - Fireworks Date:  July 17th Start:  Dusk Where:  Braid…

Lockport's New Magazine: "Lockport Neighbors"

Lockport's New Magazine: "Lockport Neighbors"

     If you live in the City of Lockport, IL (Chicagoland) as I do, you probably received an inaugural copy of a new local magazine called, "Lockport Neighbors" in the mail recently ...

Filled with all sorts of local information, "Lockport Neighbors" magazine hope to provide a great and entertaining way for its readers to get to know the City, its many services, its residents, and businesses.  

I found a handy directory for important local numbers (emergency and non-emergency) within the first couple of pages of the magazine.  I also discovered businesses within our community that I didn't know existed.

And that is exactly what the magazine's publication team hopes to accomplish with each issue.  They'll serve as an outlet for those within the Lockport community to share info, updates, activities, and more.  

     Some of the topics and items of interest to be included in upcoming editions of the pub…

The Rule of Thumb For Rate Locks and Refinancing? There IS No Rule of Thumb

The Rule of Thumb For 
Rate Locks and Refinancing?  There IS No Rule of Thumb

 Currently, I'm working with a young couple obtaining financing for a newly constructed home (started the process in February this year).  Last week, we reached the important step in their financing of "locking-in" their loan interest rate, as the home is nearing completion.
At the time their mortgage application was taken, I quoted what that day's going rate was for their financing.  Because the markets had been moving up and down somewhat erratically at that time, I'd advised that we monitor them for a while and bide our time regarding a rate lock-in.  
Why?  I felt the likelihood of catching a lower rate during a downturn was good ... especially since we "had time" while the house was being built.  My clients agreed.  We decided to remain patient.  
Our patience paid off, as I was able to lock-in my client's interest rate at 1/2% lower than the rate they had originally report…