Declare Yourself a Great 4th!


Our country will be celebrating its independence over the upcoming weekend. Monday is the 4th of July!

Where will you enjoy fireworks?  If in the Will County area, I hope you'll consider viewing from one of the county's many communities hosting this year.  Click HERE to view a list of options available to you.

If you're enjoying a 4th get-together:  My wife has been pouring through magazines/internet to find some fun foods and ideas to add to our family's celebration. I thought I'd share some of the great ideas she's found.  Ideas and links are included below.  

Fireworks of a different nature:  Last week's BREXIT vote.  As I write this, interest rates have adjusted downward as a result of its outcome.

If you've been thinking of Refinancing .. or selling and buying again ... now is a good time to investigate your options and to see if you could save some money. Reach out to me if I can answer any questions or be of service.  

And Remember:  Practice firework safety while enjoying your firework festivities. 

Hope to talk soon!  


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As promised above, great ideas to add to your 4th of July celebration: 


Kids Activities:

Picnics and Food:

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