High Demand, Low Inventory, Multiple Offers on Homes: How They Can Effect a Chicagoland Appraisal

High Demand, Low Inventory, 
Multiple Offers on Homes: 
How They Can Effect a Chicagoland Appraisal     


     Media Reports regarding the somewhat limited inventory of homes currently for sale within Chicagoland housing markets are certainly supported by a large portion of my mortgage clients' personal recounts. Many say they've found a smaller selection of homes for viewing and consideration ...

     For Chicagoland Sellers that have priced their homes wisely and correctly, that limited supply of homes translates into greater demand and possibly ... even multiple, competing offers received on their home. Sometimes, offers fairly aggressively priced too.

     Now Home Sellers receiving multiple high offers is a good thing, right?  Well ... yes and no.

     Why would I say no?  Or ... think there is any negative to a Seller receiving a higher offer?

     Well, in some cases, Home Buyers are making (and Sellers are accepting) offers higher than the Sales Prices on the most recently sold homes in the area. Homes that will likely be considered as "Comparables" during the Appraisal portion of the new Home Buyer's financing process.

     That disconnect between current Sale Price and Comparables' Sale Prices can result in a very real challenge for Appraisers trying to determine an "Estimated Value" for the new Home Buyer's Appraisal. A challenge that may cause issues during the financing of the property.

     Other additional issues may also contribute to the challenges an Appraiser faces with these higher-priced properties. WHEN the sale occurs and WHEN
 an Appraisal is being conducted can be vitally important to the Appraisal process too ... and its outcome. 

     Here's an example of what I mean:

     In the Chicagoland area, we recently came out of the winter housing market ... typically a slower time for housing sales in our area. That "winter effect" can have ramifications on sales and sales prices conducted during that time period.

     Real Estate Appraisers typically look to and consider the prior 6 months for housing sales data when performing their current assignment.  As I'm writing this in June of 2016, the "oldest" comparable sales typically considered in the majority of Appraisals would be those sales closed in December of 2015.

     Especially in housing markets experiencing seasonal climate change (like the Chicagoland area), there can be small but subtle market condition variables influencing home Sales Prices during any season. Experienced, knowledgeable Appraisers consider these subtle, but obvious, market conditions when conducting their Appraisals.

     How? And where do those small, subtle market conditions (and others) get addressed within an Appraisal Report?

     Appraisers can note and address these conditions within the narrative portion of their Appraisal Report ... and should ...

     Especially in those transactions where large differences between Comparable Sales and Subject Property Sales Price exist.

     For Agents representing Chicagoland clients, either in the sale or purchase of such a property, they must be aware that these challenges exist for Appraisers (and Lender's Underwriter too).

     As a result of the lower inventory and rising prices in our area, I've recently seen a mixed bag of outcomes from Appraisers and Underwriters in situations such as these. So any Comparables provided by Agent to Appraiser need to address and fully support the higher Sales Price of a Chicagoland home ... and ultimately substantiate, satisfy, and answer all an Underwriter's concerns regarding the higher price.

     Today's reality is: Addressing Underwriters' concerns can be an uphill battle.

     Agents proactively prepared to meet and exceed those challenges with supporting facts and comparable sales will be most successful in accomplishing this feat. But Appraisers must remain open-minded to accepting, considering, and utilizing information provided them ...

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