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What Closing Costs to Expect if You're a First-Time Home Buyer

What Closing Costs to Expect if  You're a First-Time Home Buyer  

     There's a lot of things to learn and know when hoping to become a First-Time Home Buyer.  It can all seem a bit overwhelming ...

Closing Costs:Closing Costs are one of the most important things you must know as part of your upcoming transaction and financing.  

     And while everyone's transaction may have costs specific to it (or the locale of the property), there are some costs that are pretty much basic and universal to every transaction.  

Below is a comprehensive list of those costs charged to most Home Buyers as part of obtaining a mortgage loan.  First-Time Home Buyers should count on these basic costs as part of their fee faced at the consummation of their transaction.

Those Closing Costs are:

Lender Application Fee .. OR .. Appraisal FeeAppraisal Fee (Paid @ Application) If not Application FeeCredit Report (Paid @ Application OR @ Closing)Tax Service FeeFlood CertificationHome Inspection (Paid @ time…

Frankfort Fall Festival & Parade - September 5 - 7, 2015

Frankfort Fall Festival & Parade   September 5 - 7, 2015

     One of the Midwest's most enduring and long-running festivals is just around the corner ...

     The Frankfort Fall Festival is slated to be held over the Labor Day holiday weekend, September 5th thru 7th, 2015 in the historic Village of Frankfort, IL.  

     This Fest, a perennial favorite for over 300,000 visitors each year, offers fest-goers a:

Juried show of 300 Artisans (List of Artisans: HEREFree Entertainment on Breidert Green (Schedule: HERE)Beer and Entertainment Tent (Schedule: HERE)Carnival (Info/Prices: HERE)Food Vendors and Food CourtParade - 1:00 pm Sunday (Info/Route: HERE)Free Shuttle Service for Visitors (Shuttle Info: HERE)Handicap Parking Lot($10 Donation)Car Club Show (Sunday)Bike Corral (Downtown Frankfort - Old Plank Trail near White Street.$2 - donation bikes. $1 - roller blades)2 Rest TentsA map of the Festival site, activities, parking lots, Carnival, Artisan show, etc. is available for viewing…

Veterans: Basic Info to Know About VA Loans

Veterans:   Basic Info to Know About VA Loans

The interest and use of VA Loans by veterans when purchasing a home is growing.  

     That's a great thing ...

However, there are still many veterans that could be utilizing their VA Loan benefit, but are not.  The VA estimates that 1 in 3 veterans are unaware of their VA Loan benefit.  

In my own experience as a Mortgage Originator, I often find that to be true. Either the veteran does know of the benefit, or there's some misunderstanding about how they may use and benefit from it. 

All sorts of myths and misconceptions abound regarding VA Loans.  Neither should keep a military veteran or their family from owning and enjoying their own home ... or realizing the savings due them via VA financing.

To help veterans and their families better understand this valuable benefit, I've listed some basics regarding VA Loans below:

Competitive Interest RatesNO Money Down optionsNO Mortgage Insurance Required  Closing Cost, Pre-Paid Escrow and In…

2 Successful Home Buying and Mortgage Transactions NEEDS

2 Successful Home Buying  and Mortgage Transactions NEEDS

     Two themes I pound away on in my mortgage posts

The need for good communication skillsThat clients conduct homework priorto choosing their real estate and lending professionals
      Both were certainly front-and-center this last weekend ...

     Right from the start of one new transaction, it was clear that the use of technology for communication purposes was going to be no issue for my new contacts or their real estate professional.  Each fired-off questions to me in calls, emails, and texts at lightning speed. 

     However, it also became obvious that the listening portion of communicating was going to be a bit more of a struggle.  Texts, emails, and calls all arrived on my cell at a furious pace.  The ring of one barely had time to quiet before another came through.

The questions being asked left little doubt that client and professional each had their own agenda.Info gained during my conversations with each was lef…