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What are the Odds of Your Blog and Social Media being Shared?

What are the Odds of Your Blog
and Social Media being Shared?

     To be truthful, I can't answer that question for you.   

     YOU hold the answer.YOU have the power to control those odds to a very large extent ...

      But what I DO know is: The answer is probably "slim to none" if you don't include pictures or visual enhancements of some kind within your postings and articles. 

     Consider this scenario: You see a great title for an article on a social media format or on a blog.  The topic is of real interest to you or you think it would be beneficial for your readers, followers, and audience, if shared. You click, then land on the the article only to find it's a solid block of words.  

     What's you're reaction when this happens?  If you're like me, it's probably not good. 

     Ask yourself this:
  • Don't your eyes gravitate to photos, drawings, and infographics more quickly than to a plain block of words?  
  • Don't photos, etc. capture your interest and also make it easier to read and digest the words within a post?
  • Do you end up dismissing posts or social media that don't contain visual elements?

    Why would you think someone else might react differently?  

     Because fact is, they don't.  Don't believe me?  Here's a link to just one of the many articles I found containing facts and statistics proving the immense value of pics or visuals placed within your articles, posts, and social media.

     For many reasons, I love sharing great info and offerings from other professionals and businesses via my social media.  There just a lot of pluses to it for my readers, my referral partners ... and certainly me too.  

     But when I'm searching for content to share, I run into the following fairly often:  

     I find great content and great info within a blog post/article.  I go to share it, but because there's no picture or visual contained within the post or article, social media formats reject it or I get a message pop-up.   

     When this happens, I'm left to make a decision:  Abandon the sharing of the article?  Or add pictures/visuals in order to share it? 

     To be honest, there are plenty of good articles out there that DO contain the pics I need in order to share them easily.  So why (in most cases) would I take time to add my pics to your post or social media?  

     I'm constantly surprised (and find it a bit ironic) that so many real estate industry-related professionals, companies, and organizations do this.  
     Real estate-related posts are tailor-made to showcase photos and visuals.  People LOVE looking at homes, land, construction, landscaping, decor and staging ideas, and more.  Why not use that to your benefit? 

     Consider this:  If you're the author of the post containing no pics or visuals, you've condemned your post to fewer "shares".  

     You've left your readers to make the same decision regarding the fate of your post as I was.  Share or not share? Take the time and add a pic or not?     

     If you don't add pics or visuals to your post and social media, it will likely result in fewer shares and fewer people finding and reading about you and your services.  That's not what you hoped for when you wrote the post or article, right?     

     Increase your "odds":  Give yourself every chance of being read and shared! Take the time to add some visual "eye candy" to your posts.  

     Add a pic or two ... or some other form of visual.  It will make a big difference. It will be appreciated.  And you should note a difference in the impact your posts make ...

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