2 Successful Home Buying and Mortgage Transactions NEEDS

2 Successful Home Buying 
and Mortgage Transactions NEEDS

     Two themes I pound away on in my mortgage posts

  • The need for good communication skills
  • That clients conduct homework prior to choosing their real estate and lending professionals

      Both were certainly front-and-center this last weekend ...

     Right from the start of one new transaction, it was clear that the use of technology for communication purposes was going to be no issue for my new contacts or their real estate professional.  Each fired-off questions to me in calls, emails, and texts at lightning speed. 

     However, it also became obvious that the listening portion of communicating was going to be a bit more of a struggle.  Texts, emails, and calls all arrived on my cell at a furious pace.  The ring of one barely had time to quiet before another came through.

     The questions being asked left little doubt that client and professional each had their own agenda.  Info gained during my conversations with each was left unshared between them. I related all info at least twice.  And in some instances more, as one spouse didn't even share info with the other. 

     Now please keep in mind:  All parties were in the same car or viewing homes together during these exchanges.  It all would have been somewhat humorous, if it hadn't been so time-consuming and frustrating.  

     Bottomline, it was pure chaos.  And it certainly didn't bode well for the upcoming transaction.  

     But this predicament did serve to remind me of the 1st important theme mentioned above ... the need for good communication.

     The need for good communication between ALL parties involved in a real estate and financing transaction has never been more important ...  

     While it's true that there are more methods of communicating than ever before, the quality of communication ... and the desire to communicate ... is suffering greatly.  This last weekend's communications are just one example of that.  

     And they are not alone.  I can't begin to relate how many texts, emails, calls, and messages I send each day that garner absolutely no reply or no action.  

     This is even worse.  And the toll it takes on a transaction can be huge.
      And that brings me to the 2nd important theme:

     It's never been more important for homebuyers to conduct an in-depth search for the real estate and/or lending professionals they need during their transaction.  

     Yet the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports that most potential homebuyers spend more time researching and choosing shoes or other small purchases than they do choosing a Mortgage Lender.

     Now more than ever, homebuyers NEED reliable timely advice, expertise, and guidance.  

     Homebuyers NEED real estate and lending professionals that communicate well, provide clear direction, and keep them well-informed. 

     So how do homebuyers fulfill and surpass these important needs?

     First they must realize that these needs are only supplied by professionals that:

  • Make good communication a priority 
  • Are consistently and actively involved in the facilitation of current real estate transactions and/or mortgage process 

     It's a fact.  The purchase of your home will probably be the most costly purchase of your life:  It's no time to work with an inexperienced professional incapable or unwilling to communicate well.  

     If you're hoping to buy a home:  

     Commit time and energy to performing a thorough search for your real estate and lending professionals.  Pay attention to their communication skills.  How well they explain things.  How fluidly.  Ask for referrals.  Ask how many recent transactions they've successfully completed.  

     If you don't, you'll pay for it with your money, your time, frustration, and aggravation.

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