Is Your Chicagoland Credit Haunted?

Is Your Chicagoland Credit Haunted?

     As a Mortgage Lender, one of my most important services is that of credit adviser.  Credit advice (in one form or another, whether it's polishing/improving credit, or repairing it) is needed by clients before, throughout, and even following many transactions. 

     A perfect example of this fact, was the new client I met last Friday.  They were hoping to Refinance their present mortgage to reap a lower interest rate and shorter term.   They'd not run a credit report for quite a while, so they had little idea what their current credit scores were.  

     The report I ran for them revealed some major credit issues and credit scores that were very poor.  Late payments on medical bills were just oneInflicting even more severe damage, was the laundry list of late utility/credit card bills, judgments, liens, parking tickets ... and a mind-blowing number of credit inquiries.

    Only thingNone of the damaging actions were my client's.  Someone had created a bogus Social Security # that was showing on their report ... but they had also attached themselves to my client's social security number as well. They had reeked havoc on their credit standing.  It had been happening for a substantial length of time.

     Now the story is already bad enough, right?  Having your credit, social security number, or identity stolen is a fate I wouldn't wish on my worst enemyStraightening the mess out is going to be hard work ... and take a significant amount of time.  Their Refinancing?  Currently out of the question.

     But, the saddest part was ... this wasn't the first time this had happened to them.  This couple had suffered through the very same thing about 6 or 7 years back.  

     At that time, they had written letters to retailers and credit bureaus.  Reported the problem to the authorities.  They thought the problem was fully taken care of.  Nope ... 

     To add insult to injury, the person utilizing and stealing their identity, using their social security card, and ruining their credit now?  It appears to be the very same person that had perpetrated the crimes upon them years ago. 

     What the heck??

     This unfortunate incident provides a very strong and important lesson regarding the importance of checking your credit scores and standing ... at minimum ... once every year.  This is especially true if you've suffered through something similar in the past, like my clients have.  

     You can't assume that issues have been resolved just because you wrote letters or filed some reports.  You must follow through ... make sure the problem is fully-corrected for each and every judgment, lien, or late payment showing on your credit report.  

     Then you must make sure full documentation of those corrections are provided to you for your records.  That way if the problem does crop up again, isn't fully rectified, or just comes back to haunt you ... you're not starting over from ground zero.

     Plus, remember:  If any documentation needs to be recorded, you (the credit holder) must make sure that task is accomplished.  You must demand proof, see that the recording occurs, and/or request the vital information and  recorded document numbers needed for your files.   

     Then you should continue to monitor your credit and credit standing consistently (it's recommended every 6 months in these instances) over an extended period of time. That means years.  No one else cares as you do ... or as you should ... to see that steps are taken.

     Is your Chicagoland credit haunted?  Make sure that it is not!  First, run your credit report (or if in the Chicagoland area ... ask me to do it for you.Then continue to monitor your credit standing and credit scores with the frequency recommended by mortgage lenders, the 3 major Credit Bureaus, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Social Security Administration, and many more.

     Experience has taught me that too many times these situations come back to "haunt" fraud victims, if these steps are not taken ...

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