Do YOU "Click"?

Do YOU "Click"?

     Do you ...

     I do!  I've tried to incorporate social media and marketing through those venues (and more) into my business for over 5 years now.  And I proudly say that I've tried to utilize social media on the behalf of my referral partners too, including many Active Rain members.  

     When someone is kind enough to do the same for me, I feel like I've been given a small gift.  That someone helped me promote information or links that I deemed important and beneficial.  Or someone helped me promote ... ME!   In return I try to say thank you when I become aware of it.  That's definitely an important part of social media too.

      I figure, the more potential clients, readers, and other professionals that find and read my referral partners posts and info or know of their existence and services, the better.  When my referral partners succeed and prosper, it's more likely I will too.  A little like the Golden Rule, right?

     Case in point:  Have you seen the info provided by the KCM blog regarding the economic impact from each home successfully sold??  It definitely proves the  "trickle-down theory" and what I say. We ALL prosper when the real estate industry is healthier and contributing to the economy.

     Clicking and sharing my fellow ActiveRain member's posts and info has always proven to be a great way for me to say "thank you" too ... for all the referrals, business, assistance, guidance, and friendship that has come my way via others' efforts.  

     Sure, my "click" may be a tiny gesture.  But it takes me only a small amount of time to accomplish it.  Who knows who might see a post, tweet, information, listing, Open House, contact info, or just know of someone's or something's existence because of it? 

      And truth be told, do you know any better source than ActiveRain for all things concerning real estate?  A better source of advice?  Quality listings?  Referral contacts? I don't.  So I "click", "click", "click" each and every day.   

     Join me? 

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