3 New Paramedics Now Serve the New Lenox Fire Protection District

3 New Paramedics Now Serve the 
New Lenox Fire Protection District

     The Village of New Lenox, IL and its residents have much
to be proud of.  It's schools, housing, churches, businesses, and much more make New Lenox a great place to live, do business, and raise a family.

     But now, it can also celebrate and announce the addition of 3 new Paramedics within its  New Lenox Fire Protection DistrictFirefighters Tim Mayotte, Brent Havener, and James Brown have attended the Kankakee Community College and Riverside Medical Center's EMS System Paramedic classes throughout the last year.  

     These 3 firefighters are now capable of providing advanced life support to those that become injured or fall critically ill within New Lenox.  Now that they are paramedics, they can offer or utilize the following:
     The New Lenox Fire Protection District started their full-time Advanced Life Support Ambulance service in 1990.   They utilize several specialty rescue disciplines and have members equipped and prepared to respond to a multitude of differing types of incidents.

     The addition of these 3 firefighters to the service of Paramedics will bring great benefit to those within the borders of the Fire Protection District and will enhance the services via the four stations located throughout the District. The stations are equipped and staffed 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.
     The New Lenox Fire Protection District is an authorized American Heart Association Training Center that offers courses in CPR for adults, child, and infants.  This CPR is available for healthcare providers and laypersons alike. 
     3 New Paramedics Now Serve the New Lenox Fire Protection District.  Should you wish further information regarding the new Paramedic services available, other  services, CPR classes, teaching children fire protection tactics, or events being sponsored by the New Lenox Fire Protection District, please contact them at:  (815) 463-4500.  Or email them at: info@nlfire.com.

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