How I Utilize Print Advertising: Now and Then

How I Utilize Print Advertising:  
Now and Then

     As someone that's been a  Mortgage Lender  for over 36+
years, I've seen lots of trends come and go in marketing (and otherwise, see the bad mustache to the right).  There's been an evolution within marketing.  By that I mean some forms of marketing may still be around, but they look and work vastly different than they did when I first started in my business years ago.  Print media and advertising definitely falls into that category.  

     When I first started in lending in the mid-to-late 70's, individual Lenders were not advertising much on their own behalf.  The bank or savings and loan you worked for typically did the advertising.  And that advertising may or may not have included an individual loan officer in it.  If it did it was more of a "get to know so-and-so" thing.  Not really marketing as we know it today.

     But as the business changed, so did responsibilities and expectations surrounding marketing.  Marketing became more about relationships and relationship building, with clients and most certainly referral partners too.  And the responsibilities for that fell more and more directly on the individual lender's shoulders.  Less on the company they worked for.  Lenders were definitely becoming viewed as an "independent contractor" or business of their own.  If marketing assistance was offered, it was considered a "perk" of their company.

     As with most lenders utilizing printed media during that time, I became adept at producing Open House Flyers, Info Flyers for Realtors, ads in newspapers, ads in brochures, brochures themselves, etc. and a lot more.  The written word continued to flow out steadily in letter form.  And the focus of the marketing still remained predominantly on the client. Referral partners were still not in the picture that often.  You marketed other ways to them.     

     Now?  I write a quarterly Newsletter, which consistently yields me a great response.  Not overtly a marketing piece, it is informational, but fun.  It typically offers tidbits of helpful info on a variety of topics relating to house and home.  (Email me for a copy)

     Postcards figure prominently too.  Their message can be extremely timely, quickly and clearly seen. My name and contact info is easily found.  I find it always garners a good rate of response. 

     Info Flyers are constantly being produced, touting the most up-to-date information regarding new mortgage services, mortgage programs, and changes to older programs too.  My company (American Portfolio Mortgage Corp.) assists in this manner, but I produce the bulk of my Flyers on my own, just as I do most of my other marketing materials.  I find I'm able to respond to the more specific questions and needs of MY personal referral partners this way.

     These Flyers are distributed in a variety of ways to referral partners, as well as investors, real estate attorneys, etc. in the Chicagoland area.  I try to hand deliver as many as possible, as time permits.  I also continue to provide Open House Flyers for those agents that request them.  

     In the Chicagoland area, agents are definitely still the frontline for those hoping to enter the housing market.  So agents are a very important part of my marketing focus.  But that marketing is not so much in print.  It takes on a somewhat different form.  

     I believe by being a good referral partner myself and by assisting my referral partners to be more successful, to be beneficial to their clients in ways other agents aren't, to be more productive, is vitally important.  I believe their successes "trickle-down" to me.  And after so many years in the mortgage business and having  fulfilled many roles  within it, I believe I have a deep well to draw upon for those agents that choose to refer me.

    Beyond the good service that should be expected normal practice ...  Flyers, Postcards, Open Houses, answering questions, or something else, I'm always open to assisting in anyway I can.  I'm hoping Seminars once again become a big focus and that I receive more requests from my referral partners to co-host with them in the upcoming months.   

     I continue to  reach out in a variety of more personal, "hands-on" ways.  "Thank you" notes, birthday and anniversary cards, personal notes ... all generated on a consistent basis out of my databases, both client and professional.  I discontinued placing actual newspaper ads in hard copy newspapers quite a while ago.  I ceased seeing return from the expenditure.  

     As beautiful and well-crafted as my mortgage marketing and print media advertising pieces are, (thank you to my wife/marketing assistant, Marilyn!) I believe keeping all my marketing consistent and more hands-on is truly the key to finding my success.  

     I hope my marketing pieces (no matter what form they are in) serve as a reminder to new/past clients and referral partners that I'm "there", available, and happy to assist them and see to their/their client's financing needs.  But I also hope that my printed media marketing motivates them to think and dream ... and then  find me  to ask questions in whatever method is most convenient for them.  Lots and lots of questions!  

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