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2013 Halloween Trick-or-Treat Hours in Will County, IL Communities

2013 Halloween Trick-or-Treat Hours in Will County, ILCommunities  Halloween is almost here!      Little ghosts and goblins ... little witches, pirates, and scarey creatures of all shapes and sizes will soon be ringing doorbells all across Will County.      Most towns and unincorporated Will County, will be celebrating on Thursday, October 31st ... but not all.      Below is a list of the communities in Will County ... and the dates and hours for celebrating and Trick-or-Treating within them: 
Hope you have a Spooky, but safe Halloween! *Looking for a new home in Will County (or elsewhere in Chicagoland) to call your own for future Halloween and holiday celebrations?  Contact me!  I'll put my 36 years of mortgage experience and expertise to work on your behalf. I can be easily found at: Direct:  815.524.2280 Cell/Text:  708.921.6331 eFax:  815.524.2281 Click HERE for a FREE Mortgage Consultation! Ready to Apply for your Mortgage?

When Should a Will County - Chicagoland Home Buyer First Seek Financing Guidance?

When Should a Will County - Chicagoland  Home Buyer First Seek Financing Guidance? 

     As a Mortgage Originator, I recommend that potential Home Buyers contact me up to one year in advance of their purchase.

     That's especially true when that Home Buyer is a First-Time Home Buyer.And here's why ...
     I recently had a young newly-engaged couple contact me for Mortgage financing.  They were hopeful First-Time Home Buyers wanting to learn how well positioned they were to buy a home.  They also wanted to know more about their Mortgage options and what lay ahead during the Mortgage Process itself.
     This young couple was well-organized.  I'd recommended that they visit my website prior to our meeting and they'd done so.  They had a good portion of their needed financial documentation in-hand and were prepared and ready to talk.
     But when this young couple sat down, I just knew they were scared.  It isn't unusual to see this reaction.  Most First-time Home Buyer…

New Home Construction Financing in the Chicagoland Area

New Home Construction Financing in the Chicagoland Area

     My wife and I were out running errands over the last weekend.  We weren't alone.  The roads were filled with cars. 

     As we drove along, we both noted the healthy spattering of new construction popping up all over.  Once a very familiar sight in our area, new home construction came to a screeching halt during the housing crisis.

The area in which we live, Will County, IL ... as well as the entire Chicagoland area ... exploded with new construction during the housing boom.  According to the 2010 Census, Will County, IL saw a growth in population of almost 35% over that reported in the 2000 Census.  (That 2000 Census had reported an increase of almost 41% over the previous census.)  It's no wonder Will County was named the 2nd fastest growing county in the State of Illinois during that time.

    Seeing newly-framed homes, new developments, and a number of contractor's trucks on the highways once again was very welc…

How Are Your Clients Feeling Today?

How Are Your Clients Feeling Today?

     Last week, I stumbled upon an article in the New York Times entitled, "In a Mood?  Call Center Agents Can Tell".  It was quite an interesting article and I hope you have time to "click" on the link to the article above and read it.

     But what I took away from this article was that software, in
its' infancy, is presently being developed that evaluates and reveals the true emotion of customers or callers during their conversations.  The software performs what is called "emotional analytics". 

     The analysis offered by the software detects if the words being used by a caller/customer match-up with their real feelings and emotions ... or if they are contrary to them. In other words, if the words they are speaking are portraying their true intent and desires.  And in what capacity or levels they might react to your responses to them at that time.

     My reaction when reading this article?  Simply ... wow!


Why are Federal Tax Returns Important to the Mortgage Process?

Why are Federal Tax Returns Important to the Mortgage Process?

     A recently submitted file reminded me yet again, of the pressing need within Mortgage Processing for Income Verification to the "n'th degree" ...  

     The topic of Income Verification is sometimes a topic that mystifies my Mortgage applicants.  They question why they must produce so much paperwork and so many documents.  The requests seem "over the top".  

     A Mortgage Lender requires that Borrowers provide a Federal Tax Return, including all Schedules, W-2's, 1099's, and also that the IRS confirms those figures via tax transcripts.  

     Current lending requirements demand that most, if not all, loan files include a signed 4506-T (IRS Form #).  This form allows and authorizes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to confirm the filings of a Borrower (and Spouse/Co-Applicant, if applicable).  

     These transcripts validate the copies given to the Mortgage Lender by the Borrower(s).  G…

Is Everyone Right? Is NOW the Right Time for YOU to Buy a Will County or Chicagoland Home?

Is Everyone Right?   Is NOW the Right Time for YOU To Buy  a Will County or Chicagoland Home?

     If you're a potential Will County or Chicagoland home buyer, it's easy to find a boatload of articles and informational videos heralding just why "NOW is the time to buy".        

     But if you're a first-time buyer or someone returning to the housing market after a few years of renting ... how do you know if that is really true?  Is NOW truly the right time for you?  

     Are you wondering if definitive clues and signs exist?  And if they do, just what are they?  Will you need a set amount of dollars saved?  What about credit and credit scores?  And ... is there some easy test to take to discover all this? 

     I wish I could say that a full-proof test exists.  To be fair, some "tests" do exist that help measure your readiness and capabilities as a potential home buyer.  They're fun and beneficial to some degree.  But you probably won't arrive at a…